Excess Food Inventory Liquidators

Excess food inventory can play quite a game with a company’s profitability. Liquidators like Lewisco Holdings are able to purchase this merchandise and place the goods in new product lines. We offer fair pricing, fast transactions, and firm rules about discretion.

Excess Food Inventory LiquidatorsWhether you have a few pallets or several loads of excess goods, call Lewisco Holdings to work out a liquidation plan. We’re a proven, trusted, privately-operated liquidator capable of redistributing any quantity of goods in practically any category. These goods likely have a quickly deteriorating value, so make sure that you call as early as possible to recoup as much of your investment as possible.

The sorts of goods that we deal in vary widely. From food of all sorts to non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and general merchandise, the product lines we purchase and redistribute will suit an array of buyers’ needs.

The sources from which we buy products number over 3,000. With national distribution of warehouses and a dedicated carrier fleet, we welcome products that meet the following categories:

  • Almost expired or expired goods
  • Near “best by” merchandise
  • Excess purchased items
  • Closeout goods
  • Overstocked items
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Off spec/mis-cut merchandise
  • Cancellations
  • Seasonal goods
  • Alterations in packaging or formulation
  • Slow-moving merchandise
  • Private-label or store-brand goods

Lewisco Holdings protects the reputation and customer channels of its customers. We follow procedures that allow us to confidentially place goods with customers of the secondary marketplace. When we buy goods, the brand/label won’t be visible in unfavorable circumstances.

The restrictions Lewisco Holdings places on liquidated products are designed to protect our customers’ brands. We vet all of our buyers and monitor to make sure that they follow these restrictions. From geography to advertising and display, these products should be sold in approved areas without excess display or advertising that might draw attention to the brand. Mabel’s Farms, the private label we provide at Lewisco Holdings, serves as private label packaging to further protect the original manufacturer’s brand.

Before we at Lewisco Holdings can process your goods to construct an offer, we’ll require a few details to appropriately value the load. Provide us with the label/brand, information about ingredients and nutrition, photos, every date on the packaging, the package size, the quantity of goods in the load, the location of pickup, and the preferred price. We can generally provide an offer the same day, and should your company accept the offer, we will deliver payment right away and pickup that day or the next.

Buyers of Liquidated Goods

Our buyer group has been screened and approved. Selling to Lewisco Holdings isn’t risky because we sell to trustworthy buyers. Members of this select group are frequently privately-owned retailers, deep-discount salvage operations, educational institutions, farmers’ markets, community food pantries, correctional facilities, exporters, and other institutions. We target operations that need to provide customers with heavily discounted products or stretch limited budgets to do the most good.

The size of our buyer group allows us to purchase and distribute goods without regard to quantities, category, location, or season. Lewisco Holdings is fair and experienced. We have an established reputation and repeat business. Buyers and sellers alike stand to benefit from our expertly provided liquidation services.

Companies with excess food inventory should seek out liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 if you require liquidation services or would like to take advantage of the substantial savings involved with purchasing liquidated goods.