Excess Food Closeouts

Making sure that excess food closeouts don’t result in massive losses of your investment will require that you find a buyer for those goods rather than simply throwing them away. Lewisco Holdings offers liquidation services to help deal with just this type of problem. We have a widespread, superior operation that’s capable of handling whatever quantities of goods you need to liquidate, regardless of your location.

Excess Food CloseoutsReach out to the team of experienced professional liquidators with Lewisco Holdings. We can liquidate a host of different types of goods, including closeout merchandise, discontinued product lines, overstocked goods, short-coded or close-dated merchandise, older versions of goods with packaging and formulation changes, cancelled orders, seasonal goods, and any other slow-selling products.

Goods We Can Purchase

The liquidating magic of Lewisco Holdings extends to many products including the following:

  • Shelf-stable dry food items
  • Canned foods
  • Frozen food products
  • Refrigerated foods
  • Bulk spices and candy
  • Pet food and treats of all kinds
  • Health and Beauty aids
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Much more

As you determine whether your goods are ripe for liquidation, keep in mind that dates are often somewhat arbitrary. Before you call for dumpsters, call us. We can likely assist you by purchasing your unwanted inventory.

Our Network of Secondary Market Members

When looking for liquidation companies, you want to make sure that the one chosen has a network of buyers who can be trusted to act with discretion. Our buying group is over 400 strong, so we can move a range of product categories and unlimited quantities as well. We also have access to specialty buyers if you’d rather proceed with that method of liquidation.

The buyers to whom we sell goods are varied and vetted. Typically, they are independent, private, and definitely outside of first lines of distribution. Examples of our buyers include community food banks, charitable organizations, farmers’ markets, mom-and-pop grocers and shops, correctional and educational facilities, and deep discount salvage grocers.

Your brand and its reputation will be respected by our buyers. We make sure that they understand and follow all restrictions relative to display, advertising, and even geographical restrictions on sales and use.

The Choice of Lewisco Holdings

Having assets tied up in stagnant merchandise can strangle the profitability of your business. Liquidation will allow your buying power to return to normal so that you can follow up by purchasing new goods for sale.

Liquidation must protect your reputation, eliminate excess goods, and remain separate from first line distribution members. Lewisco Holdings will bury these goods so deeply in the secondary market that you don’t have to worry about finding them where you wouldn’t expect them to be. We never target the same customers as our clients.

Part of liquidating excess food closeouts should be convenience. Lewisco Holdings is able to provide a practically effortless solution to your problem. All you’ll need to do is provide info about the products in question, send payment quickly upon agreement, and pick up the goods that day or the next. We can also provide fast delivery to our buyers. Turn around time is key to this business model. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 to find out how we can provide easy, fair, and straightforward solutions to inventory issues.