Excess Food Closeouts Near Me

Suppose excess food closeouts plague your business’s profit potential. In that case, Lewisco Holdings is always “near me” and ready, with a nationwide footprint made possible by a seamless process, a dedicated carrier network, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.

Excess Food Closeouts Near MeManaging inventory matters. Miscalculations when predicting future needs often result in overproduction by manufacturers or overpurchase by distributors or retailers. The excess merchandise clogs up profit channels by limiting purchase power, storage space, and display opportunities for other merchandise.

Whether you have leftover seasonal or holiday products, slightly damaged goods, or remaining merchandise after a product line’s formulation or packaging is updated, Lewisco Holdings can step in and buy the goods through confidential liquidation means.

Liquidation involves selling unwanted merchandise to another company for a steep discount to free up cash and space. In turn, the buyer receives protection for the brand they wouldn’t get by choosing another avenue of dealing with the product.

Be careful when choosing the liquidator to supply the service. One with less experience or integrity could put the brand at risk of devaluation. Lewisco Holdings is strict regarding buyers and practices regarding liquidation measures.

Producers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, and retailers choose to liquidate for several reasons, including the following:

  • Free up purchasing ability – Holding onto goods that aren’t moving ties up cash flow and prevents new investment. Reaching out to companies like Lewisco Holdings allows for removing these products and an influx of cash, making reinvestment and a return to profitability possible.
  • Reduce overhead expenses related to storing goods – Keeping these goods also ties up storage space that involves fees for storage or simple utility and employee costs for their care.
  • Clear storage and display space – Space is a finite resource, and having slow-selling products take up this room prevents the profits that can be purchased and made. When you sell merchandise to Lewisco Holdings, we wire payment immediately and arrive to take the goods out of your way that day or the next.
  • Handle outdated or unsaleable merchandise—Outdated goods do not fit within the pristine environment of primary retail space, yet they’re still usable. Liquidation allows companies to avoid waste safely.
  • Relocate or close a business – Fast liquidation is necessary when businesses relocate or close. We provide a convenient solution for businesses already dealing with complicated matters.

We offer an indispensable service to businesses in the grocery industry, discreetly concealing excess goods within the secondary market. We promote sustainability and success for grocery distribution’s first and second lines.

Liquidate through Lewisco Holdings

A clear leader in the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings serves thousands of inventory sources within the first lines of distribution and hundreds of non-traditional, trusted buyers. We pride ourselves on the integrity, confidentiality, and speed that we provide.

Companies and entities across the nation enjoy our liquidation service. We buy brand-name goods from many of the largest producers and retailers in the world. Our reputation and long history of success demonstrate that we know how to deliver liquidation appropriately.

Highlights of Lewisco Holdings:

  • Liquidation without regard to quantity and location
  • Liquidation with brand protection
  • Liquidation quickly through outright purchase and redistribution
  • Straightforward liquidation
  • Liquidation – not brokering or trading.

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to handle excess food closeouts “near me” anywhere in the Lower 48 States. Our team can help you explore the benefits of liquidation as a seller or buyer of liquidation-worthy goods.