Excess Food Closeouts in Georgia

When dealing with excess food closeouts in Georgia, choose Lewisco Holdings to handle their liquidation with integrity, confidentiality, and speed.

Excess Food Closeouts in GeorgiaLiquidators with a lengthy history can offer something inexperienced liquidators can’t: contacts. The buyers of our inventory have proven themselves to be capable of honoring manufacturer restrictions designed to protect the secrecy of the brand.

We offer a straightforward process of liquidation that leverages these relationships as well as a large transportation and distribution logistical network and buying power. In addition, we can provide proxy sales services to buyers within our network paired with drop shipment services or a turnkey connection to the digital auction marketplace.

Lewisco Holdings can also be your solution for excess food and beverage situations through liquidation. We have a team of liquidators implementing our process that allows clients to maximize the value of their products. We purchase merchandise and transfer the products quickly into alternative sales channels, far removed from the primary market. During this process, we protect the brand and go above and beyond to protect it.

We operate strategically as we sell the goods that we buy, and we’re transparent about the placement and the condition of goods as we operate. With speed and fairness, we can pick up and deliver throughout the continental US within a day. Liquidated goods need to be dealt with quickly, so we utilize a dedicated carrier network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.


Our full commitment to top-notch liquidation benefits our clients and our customers. Clients receive the fairest possible price with consummate brand protections and as little investment of employee time as possible.

Maximize Price

Lewisco Holdings’s professional liquidators are knowledgeable, experienced, and empowered to accurately and quickly evaluate goods and make an offer. We understand that our clients need to get the maximum return on their investment and overhead costs while mitigating the costs of space and expenses spent to keep the goods.

Safeguard the Brand

Recognizing the importance of handling liquidation with safeguards in place to protect the brand, Lewisco Holdings works with discretion, a trusted group of alternative market buyers, commitment to following manufacturer restrictions, and repackaging services under our private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Liquidate Quickly

Provide us with the information we need to make an offer, and you’ll receive it the same day in most cases. If we make a deal, we’ll wire payment immediately and arrive to pick up our purchase that day or the one that follows. Then, we will begin targeted redistribution within our verified buyer network. We can buy all of the goods that you need to liquidate regardless of the quantity, season, or location.

Outright Purchase – No Trades or Brokers

Lewisco Holdings concentrates on food and beverage liquidation, and we serve many of the world’s largest brands. We sell to retailers and entities entirely separate from regular customers, all of whom have proven their willingness to follow the rules of liquidation.

Are you dealing with items nearing best-by and expiration dates? Call us for a fast offer. You’d be surprised by how quickly time can reduce the value of liquidated goods.

When we liquidate products, you can be sure that the inventory we buy will not be seen back in primary retail spaces. We protect our clients’ customer bases and work diligently to make sure that both our clients and customers are pleased with the results.

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to arrange liquidation through Lewisco Holdings for your excess food closeouts in Georgia.