Excess Food Buyers

A significant part of the food distribution chain, Lewisco Holdings liquidates and identifies the ideal excess food buyers for the process. Our process is highly efficient and aimed to maximize recoupment for first line marketers and savings for alternative channel customers.

Excess Food BuyersExperienced as the liquidation leader of the industry, Lewisco Holdings is a proven force for sellers and buyers. Our history and numerous contacts enable us to buy and redistribute large amounts of problem goods confidentially into alternative channels.

Join Our Network of Selling Companies

Identifying products that are appropriate for liquidation is a trick mastered by decision makers. Older goods, items near expiration, and other slow-moving merchandise are appropriate. We generally focus on moving household goods like frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods; alcohol-free beverages; wet/dry pet food and treats; paper products; cleaning tools and chemicals; and toiletries or cosmetics discreetly into alternative sales channels.

Selling to us is simple. Join the ranks of the 3,000+ other first-line market members and reach out with photographs and product information when you have goods that are expired or close to the best by date, slow to sell, overstocked, cancelled, or leftover from out-of-date product series.

Join Our Network of Liquidation Buyers

The biggest hurdle to becoming one of our buyers is the strict commitment we require for sticking to manufacturer restrictions. Discretion must follow all liquidation in order to protect original customer channels. None of our buyers advertise, go beyond geographic boundaries, or heavily display branded goods. To fully provide confidentiality during sales, we provide a private label, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging services.

We currently sell to more than 400 separate organizations. These buyers let us know the type of goods that spark their interests, and we reach out when said goods become available. Examples of the sorts of entities that shop from our inventory include small retailers, salvage food stores, food banks, correctional facilities, schools, farmers’ markets, and more.

Where you won’t find goods that we’ve bought is original sales channels including restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores. You also won’t see goods heavily displayed or advertised with original branding. We take discretion quite seriously.

Since we do have a number of buyers within our network, we can move quantities big and small no matter the time of year or type of goods. When sellers call with the type of goods they need to liquidate, we’re able to provide the highest possible offer. This way is the simplest method of beginning liquidation.

When clients want to maximize the return on their investment, they sometimes choose to have our company act as a sales force. We can sell the goods and handle shipping arrangements while company’s maintain possession. Our contacts also enable us to provide turn-key auction services.

Our process works in the following manner:

  • Potential sellers call us with photos, brand/label, dates on packaging, product size, nutrition info, ingredients, quantities, location, preferred price, etc.
  • We make an offer, often the same day.
  • The offer is either accepted or declined.
  • If accepted, we pay immediately and pick up the goods that day or the next.

It’s that easy.

Our warehouses, spread around the country, and our dedicated carrier fleet make it possible for us to buy and sell without regard to volume or location.

Excess food buyers are the final step of our process. Lewisco Holdings will match the buyer to the good and behave professionally at all times. To become a buyer or to sell to us, reach out online or by calling (917) 651-0101.