Excess Beverage Inventory Liquidators

Eliminating excess beverage inventory will require the expertise of experienced liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. Regulations mandated by primary distributors and retailers make these goods unsaleable, but they don’t make them undrinkable. We can take the beverages that are no longer welcome in the first-line market and see them settled in more welcoming circumstances within secondary lines of distribution.

Excess Beverage Inventory LiquidatorsIndependently owned and operated, Lewisco Holdings has a national footprint with a large group of clients and buyers. We have facilities that stretch from coast to coast and a dedicated carrier service to facilitate transactions with entities nationwide. The season, quantity of goods, and even category won’t limit our purchases.

When we liquidate goods, the products are usually within the following categories, but we largely welcome any product with value:

  • Shelf-stable dry foods
  • Canned foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated food items
  • Wet and dry pet food/treats
  • Bulk candy
  • Dry spices
  • HBA items
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning goods
  • Much more

Beverages, in particular, are a major part of our liquidated inventory. Non-alcoholic merchandise of all sorts finds a home in our product lines:

  • Carbonated beverages
  • Sports and energy drinks
  • Ready-to-drink coffee and tea beverages
  • Children’s drinks
  • Bottled spring, flavored, and vitamin waters
  • 100% fruit juices and fruit-flavored juices
  • Much more

The typical situation that requires liquidation is relative to dates on packaging, product purchasing decisions, inventory issues, or packaging or formula updates.

The Waste Caused by Good Intentions

Dates on packaging, overrun shelves, and over-purchased goods often lead to waste regardless of intention. A more complete understanding of packaging dates leads to less waste because liquidators like us can save the goods from becoming fodder for the garbage bin. Out of date doesn’t always mean unfit for use.

In the US, baby food is the only food item required to be dated. Other dates are voluntary, largely estimated, and related more to ensuring quality than safety. When the dates near, retailers and warehouses must begin to consider what to do with the goods. Stores won’t find customers for them, but liquidators like us can find worthy buyers for any of these goods that haven’t reached obsolescence.

Why Choose Lewisco Holdings?

Just any liquidator for eliminating an overrun supply of beverages or other products will not do. Choose Lewisco Holdings. We offer foolproof protection for your brand’s reputation by obscuring it within secondary sales channels. Our customers are never the same as those of our sources, and we place goods where they’re best suited. In addition to appropriately burying goods, we also require that our buyers follow all manufacturer restrictions including those related to advertising, display, and even geographical boundaries.

Additional benefits of choosing Lewisco Holdings relate to speed and fair pricing. Our processes are straightforward; we purchase goods instead of brokering or trading. With thirteen warehouses stretched across the nation and a dedicated carrier service, we can provide liquidation service without regard to location or quantity.

Lewisco Holdings offers flexibility with liquidation. We have contacts with in the auction community as well as channels to find specific goods when buyers make requests.

When your company experiences an excess of beverage inventory, liquidators can provide relief from the burden of clogged shelves and stifled purchasing power. Call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 210-9395 for an experienced, proven answer. Our commitment to our clients and our customers creates a satisfying experience for all involved.