Excess Beverage Inventory Buyers

Lewisco Holdings serves to purchase and redistribute excess beverage inventory to opportunity buyers around the continental United States. Beverages no longer in prime condition can be revived within the secondary market, and troubled first-line marketers get back as much of their investment as possible.

A Superior Reputation Based Upon Superior Outcomes

Excess Beverage Inventory BuyersThe superiority of Lewisco Holdings as a liquidator speaks for itself. We have a large base of loyal buyers and sellers, a dedicated group of carriers, and several warehouses spread across the country. Our reputation for dealing fairly, quickly, and discreetly is due to a long history of successful, satisfying liquidation for all.

A Broad Catalog of Liquidated Merchandise

We’re able to buy and sell a wide range of merchandise. From food and grocery to pet items, HBA products, paper goods, cleaning chemicals and tools, and even alcohol-free beverages, Lewisco Holdings’ catalog serves the needs of many secondary market members.

We at Lewisco Holdings make purchases from more than 3,000 distinct sellers of liquidation-appropriate goods, and we re-sell them to 400+ buyers. Our efforts are focused on confidentially transferring goods from the original marketplace into alternative customer channels where they can be used appropriately. These efforts limit waste, recoup max funds for the originating company, and provide significant savings for opportunity buyers.

Instead of assuming that your goods are past the point of return or that liquidated goods can’t be used by your organization, give us a call to explore the benefits of using Lewisco Holdings. Our specialty extends to a broad range of conditions including the following:

  • Outdated product design or formulations
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Products marked as closeouts
  • Products near the best by or expiration dates
  • Out of season product lines
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Any other slow-moving merchandise

Postponing liquidation action is damaging in the long run. Your entire inventory could become unsuited even for secondary markets, and you’ll lose the whole amount spent – from purchase to overhead.

Our process is fast and simple regarding both purchases and sales. If we come to an agreement to purchase your goods, we pay immediately and pick up the same day or the next. To get an offer for your products, contact us and supply the required information. We’ll need to know the label/brand, ingredients, nutrition facts, every date on the interior and exterior of packaging, the package size, the quantity of goods, the location of pickup, and the desired price. You should also send photographs of the goods, and we’ll deliver an offer quickly, often the same day.

We make short work of distribution of goods within the secondary market once we purchase goods.

The Workings of the Secondary Market

Lewisco Holdings specializes in liquidation, not brokering or trading. We do not sell to full-line distributors, restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores in our lineup of buyers. We protect the original brand’s identity, reputation, and customer channels. Providing this protection leads us to strictly enforce every manufacturer restriction regarding advertising, display, and geography.

Our buying group consists of independently owned retailers and organizations far removed from primary markets. Examples include deep-discount salvage grocers, mom-and-pop stores, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, farmers’ markets, etc.

Sellers and buyers of excess beverage inventory should call Lewisco Holdings for service. Contact us online or by calling (917) 651-0101; our liquidation professionals await the opportunity to serve you.