Effective Inventory Liquidation Strategies

First-line producers, distributors, and retailers need effective strategies for inventory liquidation, and Lewisco Holdings is proud to be the most convenient, profitable, and discreet of all the available options.

Problems Caused by Inventory Problems

Effective Inventory Liquidation StrategiesWhen the balance of inventory is off, profitability and sales will suffer. New investment and growth will be impossible, and storage will be tied up as overhead continues to accumulate. Allow the team at Lewisco Holdings to present management methods that work.

First, you need to keep an up-to-date inventory. The merchandise that you have on hand needs to be cataloged and evaluated regularly for whether the products are meeting sales expectations, tying up space needlessly, or getting too close to best by dates for comfort. An inventory catalog, when properly managed, can help you make the best use of liquidation services from Lewisco Holdings.

Before calling us, steps that you can take to deal with excess stock include sales and promotions, package deals, and incentive to buy in multiples. You can also utilize online platforms to sell products that are taking up too much space within your warehouse.

Have you considered donation? While you may not recoup any of your investment, you may reap the benefits of tax write offs or evidence of your corporate citizenship.

Liquidation auctions are always an option, and Lewisco Holdings provides turnkey digital connections for the auction arena. We also provide access to our liquidation professionals and buyer network in order to find a buyer while you retain the merchandise if you’re opposed to outright liquidation purchases.

Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

Ultimately, the best solution for excess inventory is to call Lewisco Holdings. Our team of professionals will quickly and confidentially handle the problem.

We purchase brand-name goods that are in liquidation worthy condition within the categories of grocery, alcohol-free beverage, pet, and other household products. If you’re unsure of whether an item is appropriate for liquidation, a good rule of thumb is that if sales are not up to expectations and the situation is unlikely to change, choose liquidation to cut your losses as early as possible to recoup as much of your funds and avoid spending more than you have to on overhead.

We work quickly and allow manufacturer restrictions to continue guiding the use of liquidation products even beyond sales by screening our buyers carefully and selling outside of primary markets. We protect the brands of our clients as well as their reputations. In addition to enforcing manufacturer rules against advertisement, display, violations of geographic bounds, and wholesales, we provide repackaging under our private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Our buyer group doesn’t include the originally intended customer. We sell to non-traditional customers like mom-and-pop retail spots, correctional facilities, schools and after-school programs, community food pantries, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative stores and organizations.

Lewisco Holdings has the capacity to liquidate throughout the continental United States. We have deep purchase power, thirteen warehouses distributed throughout the country, and a dedicated carrier fleet.

When you’re interested in liquidation, reach out to our team for an offer. With the necessary product information, we can usually provide you with one the same day, and when the offer is accepted, we will wire payment immediately and arrive to collect our purchase within two days.

The most effective of all the inventory liquidation strategies is also the simplest: click here or call (917) 651 0101 to contact Lewisco Holdings.