Effective Grocery Inventory Liquidation

Effective grocery inventory liquidation requires an effective liquidator, and you won’t find a better provider than Lewisco Holdings. We buy and redistribute merchandise, including frozen, refrigerated, canned, dry foods, pet treats, alcohol-free beverages, and other household closeouts. Whether you need a single liquidation service or a regularly scheduled routine arrangement, you can rely on us to perform efficiently and fairly.

The Liquidation Solution

Effective Grocery Inventory LiquidationSuccessful food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings are in place and empowered to relieve first-line marketers of problematic merchandise. We leverage an extensive collection of clients and buyers to handle a range of goods. Whether you have outdated, overrun, or slow-moving goods, we can quickly and confidentially turn your problem into cash.

Lewisco Holdings is a leading liquidation buyer and distributor. We do not act as a broker or trader. Our long history and well-established reputation serve as evidence of our commitment, standards, and practices.

We provide expert practices and professionals who are well-versed in our policies and empowered to make decisions so that our client’s products can be valued, purchased, and collected quickly for the highest price possible during liquidation. Lewisco Holdings will help you maximize your return.

Short-Coded Food in Liquidation

Short-coded is the industry term for merchandise that is near or past its best-by or expiration date. These goods are still safe for consumption, but the immaculate nature of the retail space makes it an inappropriate avenue for their sale.

These items and other problematic goods can be costly for first-line marketers in the food industry. Liquidation sales allow companies to minimize this loss, recouping as much of the initial investment and overhead costs as possible.

In addition to liquidation through Lewisco Holdings, managing inventory minimizes potential loss. We suggest that you pay attention to dates when stocking shelves. Rather than moving the older stock to the front and putting the new behind, look at the dates and put the ones that will reach that date first in the front.

Using data to drive product decisions and inventory management is also an efficient way to limit losses. Tracking items that will soon become “short-coded” digitally will allow you to identify potential problems more quickly before they occur.

The digitization of inventory matters also allows you to make smarter purchase decisions. Understanding which items are meeting or failing to meet sales expectations helps to drive purchases and liquidation.

We at Lewisco Holdings encourage you to choose liquidation as early as possible when facing close-dated inventory situations. The return will decrease as the dates are near, but you can be confident that we will make a fair offer and act appropriately in all aspects of the transaction with appropriate speed and discretion.

If you have items that are difficult to move, contact Lewisco Holdings for a safe solution.

We sell to a large group of trustworthy off-the-beaten-path customers, such as private discount grocers, food pantries, prisons/jails, schools, and more. Our buyers span the nation and commit to following all manufacturer restrictions.

Professional liquidators at Lewisco Holdings stand ready to provide you with effective grocery inventory liquidation or access to purchase from our inventory. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to learn more about liquidation or other services we provide.