Closeout Pet Food Buyers

Is closeout pet food beginning to drag down your local aesthetic, and buyers are few and far between? Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation that will resolve this problem, clearing your shelves, freeing up cash reserves, and preventing the merchandise from being wasted completely.

Closeout Pet Food BuyersThe liquidation arena serves a vital function in the consumer marketplace, and Lewisco Holdings is a leader in the industry. By purchasing your slow-selling products and redistributing them into secondary markets, we prevent waste and total loss of investment. When you’re ready to begin liquidation or desire to buy liquidated goods, place a simple call to Lewisco Holdings. Our team will provide you with fast, satisfying answers to your queries. We’re experienced professionals and commit ourselves to continuing with the customer service for which we’re known.

We buy goods from a number of sellers including some of the largest brands in the country. Over 3,000 different accounts supply us with inventory, and we endeavor to honor their trust with absolute discretion, maximum return, and quick offers and product pickup.

Merchandise that qualifies for liquidation may be near best by dates, part of a cancelled order or a turned down load, a discontinued line of products, an older version of an updated products, closeout or markdowns, seasonal/holiday, or slow-moving for some other reason. As one key to liquidation, bear in mind that it’s better to liquidate too early rather than too late.

Collect money instead of dust by liquidating through Lewisco Holdings.

Brand Protection

Protection of the original brand comes by careful liquidation measures. Lewisco Holdings requires that all restrictions placed by the manufacturer be followed. The buyers of our goods refrain from advertising or displaying the brand, wholesale sales of the goods, or selling beyond geographic limitations. Mabel’s Farms, our private label, thoroughly hides the original brand when required.

Buyers from the Lewisco Holdings Catalog of Goods

Lewisco Holdings redistributes goods into avenues completely distinct from the first lines of distribution. Our 400+ buyer network does not overlap with the originally intended customers in any form. We will not sell to primary retailers, grocers, convenience stores, or restaurants. When you liquidate pet food through Lewisco Holdings, we will see that it goes into privately owned retailers, animal charities, and other appropriate avenues.

Our buyer group extends across the entire country, and we can quickly redistribute products no matter the time of year or volume of goods because of our numerous warehouse locations and dedicated carrier fleet for product collection and delivery.

At Lewisco Holdings, you’ll deal with professionals. Our team knows the brand and can quickly value the inventory. Allow us to handle liquidation of your brand for complete control of the process and brand protection. We operate respectfully, fairly, and quickly.

To receive an offer, be prepared to provide our team with photographs of the products, the brand, a list of ingredients, nutrition facts, dates from the interior and exterior, package size, units per pallet, pallets per load, location, and desired price.

If you like our offer and choose to accept, we pay promptly and collect the product that day or the next.

Lewisco Holdings provides buyers for closeout pet food when they otherwise wouldn’t be found. Regain as much of your investment as possible by choosing us for liquidation. With questions or to begin liquidation, call (917) 210-9395 or check out our online process.