Closeout Inventory Buyers

When companies have closeout inventory, buyers like Lewisco Holdings can purchase these goods and redistribute them into the secondary market. This method prevents waste and total loss of investment. First-line distributors find that we are able to divest them of slow-moving merchandise without risking their reputations.

Efficiency and Discretion as Priority

Closeout Inventory BuyersA primary reason that goods go to waste is often a fear of damage to the brand or label. Lewisco Holdings can provide the confidentiality that this situation demands. Mabel’s Farms, our private label repackaging service, offers the ultimate protection that products within the secondary marketplace need.

A leader in the liquidation industry, Lewisco Holdings offers numerous benefits to those who sell us their unwanted goods as well as those who purchase them from us. Our dedicated carrier fleet, thirteen nationwide warehouses, and ample cash backing help us provide unlimited liquidation services regardless of amount of product or location of the company.

Companies who need liquidation should give us a call to determine whether we can work with you. Examples of the goods we typically offer include shelf-stable dry food, canned goods, frozen and refrigerated foods, non-alcoholic refreshments, pet food and treats, bulk candy, bulk spices, and other general merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings works with over 3,000 first-line distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to have slower moving products liquidated and recoup as much of the investment as possible.

The products we buy typically fall into certain conditions. Some of these include short-coded products, near-dated or expired products, slow-movers, overstocks, closeouts, overruns, products with older versions of packaging or formulations, discontinuations, cancelled orders, and seasonal goods. As this merchandise sits on shelves collecting dust, it continues to cost in overhead expenses. Call us to arrange for a fast pickup and fair price.

Stretch the Budget and Make a Profit

Community and government organizations often have limited budgets, and discount stores often need to offer quality products at low prices. Meeting these two needs with the goods we offer is possible. Lewisco Holdings provides name-brand goods at steeply discounted prices.

The Methods We Use

Lewisco Holdings focuses on results. We aim to make sure that convenience and speed are priorities. If you have closeout inventory or other slow-moving goods, or if you’d like to join our group of buyers, reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 or checking out our website.

Starting the process will require that you send us photos of the products in question along with the brand/label, list of ingredients, nutritional facts, every date on the inside and out of the packaging, the size of the package, product quantities, location, and desired price. Our team of professional liquidators will offer a fast valuation to buy the goods in question.

Agreement to accept our offer will precede immediate payment and fast pickup on that day or the next. You won’t have to wait around for either.

Our methods offer several highlights including the following:

  • Location and quantity are non-factors
  • Brand’s reputation is priority
  • Merchandise will be distributed outside of primary sales channels
  • The process is straightforward and uncomplicated
  • Immediate payment will follow agreement
  • Same-day offers are normal course of business
  • We’re not brokers or traders

If you have slow-moving or closeout inventory, sell it to us. Lewisco Holdings has the buyers required to liquidate the goods, giving them new life. We strive to limit waste through our efficient liquidation process.