Closeout Grocery Buyers

Management of private retail spots and organizations with limited budgets find the opportunity to become closeout grocery buyers from Lewisco Holdings to be budget and profit saving. We are an independent liquidation provider, buying and redistributing slow-moving merchandise.

Closeout Grocery BuyersLewisco Holdings specializes in the liquidation of a broad range of merchandise including grocery, beverage, paper, cleaning, and HBA items. Whether the goods are a few pallets or several loads, we will buy them and then resell them into more appropriate customer channels. The entire process is straightforward, confidential, fast, and professional.

Categories Right for Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings employs thirteen warehouses spread throughout the US, and within these warehouses, our inventory includes all sorts of products in a range of conditions. Liquidation regularly occurs due to dates near or passed expiration or best by dates, overstocked inventory, closeout and clearance items, discontinued product lines, outdated versions of items with newer packaging or formulations, mis-labeled products, private labels, canceled or turned down orders, out of season goods, and other merchandise with disappointing sales. Holding onto goods that no longer belong in primary markets can damage the reputation of the business, the brand, and even the surrounding inventory.

Join the Ranks of the Lewisco Holdings Buyers

The buyer group we serve includes more than 400 separate entities, far removed from primary lines of distribution. The various retail spots and institutions that buy from us follow all manufacturer restrictions. These guidelines include absolute discretion, no display or advertising, and adherence to geographic limitations. Our buyers are also not allowed to wholesale products or sell to the originally intended customers.

The purpose is to thoroughly conceal products within secondary customer channels. Our redistribution sales place the products we buy completely separate from the original customer channels. We will even repackage products to conceal the brand if it’s otherwise difficult. Our own private label, Mabel’s Farm will conceal the brand.

As a source of liquidation inventory, Lewisco Holdings’s clients appreciate the speed and fairness that we offer.

Step 1: Provide relevant product info including the brand/label, ingredient list, nutrition facts, photos, all dates on the package, quantity of goods, package size, location, and preferred price.

Step 2: Receive the offer from Lewisco Holdings and consider it. We’re often able to make an offer the same day.

Step 3: Accept the offer, and we will pay immediately and pick up the purchase the same or the next day.

Once products are within our inventory, we will efficiently begin the task of locating a buyer. Our buyer group includes small retail businesses who appreciate the opportunity to buy quality goods at lower than wholesale prices. They can extend the savings to customers, earning their loyalty, or they can use the savings to maximize their profit margins. Other buyers include organizations with limited budgets, like schools or prisons. These buyers are able to stretch small budgets with these products, doing more with less.

Closeout grocery products from Lewisco Holdings are the perfect match for our buyers’ needs. Lewisco Holdings, at (917) 651-0101, provides outstanding customer support, so reach out to us with the products that you need, and we will call when they come into our inventory. We welcome buyers or sellers of liquidation goods to contact us for more information about our processes or to schedule a service.