Closeout Grocery Buyers Near Me

Lewisco Holdings welcomes closeout grocery buyers “near me” regardless of location. Our footprint is nationwide, leveraging a dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen redistribution warehouses. We have a deep well of purchase power with our cash reserves, hundreds of trusted buyers, and a well-established liquidation process.

Closeout Grocery Buyers Near MeOur experience extending the supply chain benefits both the first lines of distribution which need liquidation for unwanted goods and the secondary market players who benefit from rock-bottom pricing on quality goods.

Lewisco Holdings purchases and distributes a variety of grocery products. Our track record demonstrates the value of the service that we offer, including for many of the most significant brands in the world. We serve the entire first line of distribution – from production to retail – with liquidation of goods that disappoint in terms of sales, experience slight damage, or otherwise inhibit new investment in profitable goods.

To convert your overstocked, distressed, closeout, turned down, damaged, returned, or otherwise slow-moving goods into cash and valuable space, choose Lewisco Holdings’s liquidation measures. We strive to maximize the return for our clients as they deal with excess merchandise. Provide us with product information, and we’ll send a fast offer, payment, and pickup.

The information that we need includes the following:

  • Photographs
  • Brand/label
  • Product size
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition info
  • Quantity of goods per unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Location
  • Desired price.

Lewisco Holdings has provided liquidation for many years, so we know how to do what we do well. In addition to liquidation through outright purchase and redistribution, we also provide proxy sales services while you retain possession of your goods or a digital turnkey auction solution.

The liquidation that we offer comes with all of the following:

  • Speed – The team at Lewisco Holdings works quickly to evaluate your products and move them quickly into alternative channels. We frequently provide same-day offers, immediate wired payment, and same- or next-day purchase pickup for any location in the Lower 48 United States.
  • Brand protection – Protection for the brand and its identity is essential to liquidation. We require that buyers submit to screening processes and refrain from wholesaling, advertising, displaying, or violating geographic boundaries as they use or sell the goods that they buy from us. Our private label, Mabel’s Farms, secures this discretion when the brand is difficult to conceal.
  • Consummate customer support – Whether you’re a client or customer, you can rely on us to treat you with respect and consideration. We are transparent about product condition, fair in pricing, and go above and beyond for satisfactory results. Let us know when you need particular products, and we can generally source them within a matter of a few days.

The established buyer group at Lewisco Holdings numbers over 400 and allows us to bury inventory deeply within the secondary market without exposing goods to the originally intended customers.

Lewisco Holdings buys excess goods in a diverse number of product categories – groceries, beverages, and household goods. From frozen apps and desserts to lunchmeat and dairy, bottled water, coffee, beauty supplies, toilet paper, and more, the inventory that we buy and redistribute ranges widely.

Dependable liquidation of closeout grocery items allows buyers “near me” to benefit. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to explore how you can become one of our selectively chosen buyers or to liquidate items that no longer fit within your primary market inventory.