Closeout Grocery Buyers & Liquidators

Finding closeout grocery buyers & liquidators like Lewisco Holdings enables companies to remove problem goods from their inventory. Our buyers then benefit from wholesale cost and name-brand quality. We offer savings for our customers that can’t be found through traditional means.

Closeout Grocery Buyers & LiquidatorsWe at Lewisco Holdings proudly lead the liquidation arena. Our multiple years in the business have allowed us to establish policies, logistical capacity, and contacts. The alternative market in the US includes many buyers, and we have vetted each of our buyers to ensure that our clients’ brands are protected.

The liquidation specialty we have at Lewisco Holdings is in household and grocery merchandise. We purchase and redistribute alcohol-free beverages; canned foods, refrigerated groceries, frozen foods, shelf-stable dry goods; wet and dry pet food and treats; HBA merchandise; bulk candy, spices, and staples; and cleaning chemicals and tools.

Become a Lewisco Holdings Buyer

If you’re ready to buy these discounted goods, contact us at Lewisco Holdings. We provide name-brand groceries and other goods at substantially reduced rates. Should you be willing to submit to manufacturer regulations, we will welcome you and even look for targeted goods to direct products your way.

Since we do not sell within the primary markets, first-line distributors, convenience stores, restaurants, and supermarkets need not apply. We sell to 400+ separate entities within the country. They include private retail stores, salvage grocers, dollar stores, schools, corrections institutions, food pantries, farmers markets, exporters, and specialty outlets.

Lewisco Holdings understands well the importance of branding confidentiality. Manufacturer restrictions are followed by our buyers, or those entities are no longer our buyers. Our buyers can’t advertise, heavily display, wholesale, or sell outside of the geographic boundaries. If this discretion might be difficult, we can repackage products with the label Mabel’s Farms, our own private label.

When you’re ready to become a Lewisco Holdings buyer, reach out to us via phone or online. We’ll get in touch with price information, shipping, and inventory availability.

Become a Seller of Liquidation Goods

The inventory that we sell has been purchased from first-line market members. Lewisco Holdings purchases products without regard to volume, location, and time of year. We buy slow-moving merchandise, overstocks, short-coded products, closeouts, discontinued lines, cancelled orders, holiday and seasonal goods, and any other slow-moving products. If you’re unsure, give us a call. We’ll let you know if we can purchase your products.

Rely on us to provide an offer quickly when you express interest in sales. We will need photos, the label/brand, a list of ingredients, nutrition facts, all dates, package size, quantity, location, and preferred price. If you accept the offer we make, we’ll pay immediately and pick up that day or the next. We have warehouses throughout the entire country, so we can quickly transfer goods out of the primary market lines and into the secondary markets.

The entire process is effortless for our clients, demanding little time of your employees, and you’ll gain as much of your investment back as possible. We can also provide turnkey auction services or act as a proxy salesperson.

If deeply slashed prices on high-quality goods pique your interest, closeout grocery buyers & liquidators like Lewisco Holdings can provide the inventory you seek. To buy or sell from us, reach out online or call us directly at (917) 210-9395.