Closeout Frozen Food Buyers

The long life and versatile use of frozen food makes it a popular category among closeout buyers. Lewisco Holdings is a leading liquidator that provides first lines of distribution with the best rates for liquidation-worthy inventory and secondary purchasers with substantial discounts.

Closeout Frozen Food BuyersLewisco Holdings is an independent leader in the liquidation arena. We’re known for dealing fairly, quickly, and confidentially. Our network of first line marketers numbers over 3,000, and of secondary market buyers is over 400. Our commitment to discretion and fair compensation allows us to maintain long term buying and selling relationships.

The Frozen Food Liquidation Market

Frozen food is a popular product among liquidation buyers. Once frozen, it is good indefinitely when packaged properly. Exposure to air causes freezer burn that will negatively affect the taste of the food but doesn’t cause safety issues. For secondary marketers, the opportunity to buy liquidated frozen food is one worth taking.

The Priorities of Frozen Food as Buyers

Frozen fruit offers all of the nutrition of fresh fruit regardless of the time of year. Frozen fruit in the freezer offers families the opportunity to make smoothies, fruit-flavored desserts, and even straight-out-of-the-freezer snacking.

Frozen veggies are another key frozen food for buyers. Packed as prepped, frozen vegetables remove the hassle from including them in a well-balanced meal, and they provide year-round availability.

When families try to save a dollar, stocking up on meat and fish and storing them in a freezer is a sure method. The same reasoning explains the popularity among these frozen goods with opportunity buyers. From salmon filets to boneless chicken breasts and ground beef, the presence of these frozen foods make cooking less of a hassle.

Other frozen food options include frozen dinner entrees, convenience foods, ice creams, breakfast items, and more.

When your inventory includes any of these frozen items and sales have slowed, consider liquidation through Lewisco Holdings.

Once we’ve purchased frozen foods, or other liquidated merchandise, we’ll redistribute the items through a select group of buyers. We deal with secondary market members like small retailers, private dollar stores, community food pantries, correctional facilities, schools, and deeply discounted salvage grocery stores.

Qualified Liquidation Goods:

  • Products marked as closeout or marked down
  • Overstocked products
  • Underperforming products
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Items near “best by” or expiration date
  • Outdated versions of products with recent recipe or packaging upgrades
  • Off-spec or mis-labeled products
  • Cancelled orders or turndown loads
  • Seasonal or holiday merchandise
  • All slow-moving inventory

Surplus inventory requires valuable display and storage space as well as expenses related to upkeep. Waiting too long to begin liquidation might lead to a complete loss, so choose to contact Lewisco Holdings as early as possible for as much of a return as possible.

Our process is precise and effective. Lewisco Holdings operates throughout the Lower 48 with the use of numerous contacts, a dedicated carrier network, and several nationally distributed warehouses.

The sales process at Lewisco Holdings protects the original brand along with the lowest possible price. Our easy process is marked by quick payment and same-day decisions.

Lewisco Holdings is a purchaser of liquidated goods, not a broker or trader.

Lewisco Holdings invites you to call for liquidation services or to become one of our closeout frozen food buyers. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 to discuss our products or processes with one of our team members.