Closeout Food Liquidators

In a world where waste abounds, closeout food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings revive stagnant merchandise through secondary market means.

Believing Unbelievable Prices

Closeout Food LiquidatorsPurchasing liquidated goods is a great way to maximize a small business’s profit margin or to do the most good within the framework of an organization’s minimal budget. The trouble with liquidation often is simply getting buyers to believe the unbelievably low costs of surplus goods. Simply put, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors often find that it is more cost-effective to cut their losses, clear shelves, recoup funds, and minimize the loss of investment plus overhead.

Other circumstances that might trigger liquidation include the end of a season, release of a newer product within a line, nearing best by or expiration dates, or some other reason merchandise sells slowly. Lewisco Holdings purchases goods for a great deal of reasons, and we resell them at rock bottom prices.

The Impact of Location

Location often has an impact on liquidation, but it doesn’t when you deal with Lewisco Holdings. We have several warehouses throughout the US and a dedicated carrier fleet to guarantee same or next day pickup when a deal is made. Location, quantity of goods, and agreed upon price play no role in our ability to liquidate merchandise. Our 3,000+ source companies operate in top-notch levels of primary distribution, and the brand name products we buy from them are available at the lowest possible prices.

The Liquidation Process

Lewisco Holdings makes liquidation easy.

To sell surplus goods, give us a call or use our online forms. We will need photographs of the products, the label/brand information, a list of ingredients, the nutrition facts, the package size, the quantity of goods, every single date within and without the package, the location, and the preferred price in order to provide an offer. We can often do so on the same day that we receive the relevant info.

Buying our goods is equally easy. We sell to over 400+ buyers whom we screen to ensure that they’re committed to following the rules about brand protection that govern display, advertising, and geographic boundaries. Reach out to us about becoming a buyer, and we’ll request information about products you’d be interested in purchasing. When we add this category of goods to our inventory, we’ll reach out. Alternatively, you can request specific products for us to follow-up with a search on your behalf.

The Liquidation Buyer

Liquidation buying requires a special type of buyer. The original customer channels must be replaced, which means restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores are out of the running. Instead, we sell to discount salvage grocers, independent small stores, exporters, dollar stores, food banks, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, schools, prisons, and more!

Lewisco Holdings’ Liquidation Inventory

Our inventory is full of all sorts of quality surplus items ranging from food to beverages, pet items, and more. Examples of products include staple ingredients, dry goods, cold foods, canned meat and vegetables, bottled water, juices, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, canned pet food, biscuit pet treats, jerky pet treats, toiletries, party supplies, bulk candy or spices, cleaning chemicals or tools, and much more!

Lewisco Holdings, heads above competing closeout food liquidators, offers opportunity-minded businesses and organizations with an effective way to put forward low prices and quality food items. To explore all of your liquidation opportunities, call (917) 210-9395.