Closeout Food Liquidators NYC

Many closeout food liquidators operate in NYC, but only some meet the standards of Lewisco Holdings. We have a nationwide footprint, and over half of the top 100 manufacturers in the US have chosen us for liquidation service. Whether you need to sell or buy liquidation-worthy goods, reach out to our team for more information and a quick, discreet process.

CCloseout Food Liquidators NYCloseout foods often end up in liquidation. Lewisco Holdings is ready to take them off your shelves and out of your way. We have experience, deep pockets, established logistics, and nurtured longstanding relationships. When you need a reliable and professional liquidator, count on Lewisco Holdings.

When we purchase products from the primary market, we transfer them to secondary ones. No products from our inventory ever go back into primary sales channels. Instead, we sell to small deep-discount retailers, food banks, select discount stores, Amish and Mennonite co-ops, schools, prisons, and other alternative buyers. Our customers must be end users – no diverters, brokers, or traders are welcome to shop our inventory.

The Lewisco Holdings buyer wants to do more with a finite budget, extend a limited profit margin, or expand a loyal customer base.

In addition to being part of the secondary market, our buyers must also adhere to strict guidelines of use:

  • Zero advertising or marketing
  • Zero web sales
  • Physical retail location only
  • Strong references

We screen all of our buyers thoroughly and demand that they follow the rules of liquidation closely. These brand protections are necessary for the entire liquidation process to succeed.

As liquidators, we specialize in frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; paper products; toiletries and cosmetics; cleaning tools and chemicals; wet and dry pet food and treats; and other household closeouts.

We’re able to move all quantities of products through liquidation measures. Purchase power, nationally distributed third-party warehouses, a dedicated carrier network, and established clients and buyers allow us to liquidate all year without regard to location or quantity.

What we do benefits both ends of the supply chain. When we purchase products, we remove the burden of excess products from primary market players while mitigating their losses. At the same time, we provide secondary market members with the opportunity to buy high-quality brand-name goods at significantly reduced prices.

Lewisco Holdings – A Liquidator That Steps Up

When Lewisco Holdings is your liquidation partner, you can expect the following:

  • Speed in the evaluation, offer, payment, and pickup
  • A capable transition through established logistics with a nationwide reach
  • Brand identity and reputation protection through strict rules of liquidation
  • No brokering or trading
  • Return of buying power, reduction of overhead, and cleared shelves for new investment
  • Same- or next-day purchase collection of liquidated goods
  • Redistribution is completely removed from initial customer channels
  • Repacking as Mabel’s Farms, the Lewisco Holdings private label
  • Incredible customer service for excellent outcomes for clients and customers
  • Outright purchase and redistribution or arrangement of sales and shipment for clients

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to discuss how Lewisco Holdings, one of the best closeout food liquidators serving NYC, can help your business in the primary or secondary markets. We take goods that no longer belong in the first lines of distribution and relocate them to secondary lines, where they can be used without affecting the brand.