Closeout Food Items

When closeout food items stifle the growth of your business, turn to Lewisco Holdings for convenient and confidential liquidation. Our services allow first-lines of distribution to avoid a total loss, and in turn, they benefit non-traditional markets with quality goods at significantly reduced prices.

Closeout Food ItemsLewisco Holdings is able to offer fast pickup, transport, and sale when we buy goods and when we sell them. We have a dedicated carrier network paired with numerous warehouses distributed from one coast to the other. We have an established set of best practices that allows us to move liquidation merchandise regardless of geography or quantity.

The liquidation merchandise bought and sold by the team here at Lewisco Holdings may include a variety of grocery, beverage, pet, and household goods. Reach out to the team here if you’re unsure, and we’ll be happy to relay whether we deal in any particular category of merchandise.

The goods that we buy are rarely in perfect condition, but the pristine quality required for primary markets doesn’t affect usability. We typically buy products that have been overstocked; marked down; leftover from a discontinued product line, recently changed line of products, or a seasonal promotion; or near or past expiration.

Buyers of Liquidation Products

If you’re interested in taking advantage of liquidation opportunity buying, you should go into it with eyes wide open. Lewisco Holdings promises accurate descriptions and appropriate transport for all of our products. We will not misrepresent what we sell.

The clock starts on liquidation goods the moment that we make an offer. Liquidation products have usually lingered a bit longer in storage or on display shelves than most merchandise, so every additional day matters.

When you determine that buying liquidation is the route for your organization, Lewisco Holdings is a terrific option. Our commitment to confidentiality, punctual service, and customer satisfaction delivers every time.

By buying products from our inventory of liquidation merchandise, you automatically agree to following the required measures for discretion. The manufacturer’s restrictions that govern the use of goods continue to apply even after the purchase. These restrictions mean that you must remain within the prescribed geographic bounds, refrain from display or advertising, and sell only on a retail basis.

If brand concealment is a problem, Lewisco Holdings offers repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

The typical customer who takes advantage of our buying opportunities has a need for inventory that allows for an extended profit margin or special buys to develop a loyal customer base. Other customers are organizations with fixed budgets who need to do as much as possible with a small amount of money.

Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Advantages

  • Discretion and protection for brand identity and reputation
  • Buried products within alternative markets with clear separation between the original customers and ours
  • Strict adherence to manufacturer restrictions
  • Speedy offers, payment, and same/next day transportation
  • Operations as liquidation buyers rather than brokers or traders
  • Transportation network with thirteen nationally distributed warehouses and our own dedicated fleet of carriers
  • Customer service that meets all expectations of clients and customers

To sell or buy closeout food items in the fairest, fastest way possible, call the masters of liquidation, Lewisco Holdings. You can contact us online or by calling (917) 210-9395 for one-time or recurring liquidation services.