Closeout Food Distributors

If first line distributors encounter problematic closeout food inventories, Lewisco Holdings stands in the gap to resolve the issue. New versions of products, discontinued product lines, and the passing of holidays and seasons can often trigger goods to be marked as closeout, but that shouldn’t mean that they’re considered worthless. We find the value in these goods, buy them, and direct them into useful avenues.

Closeout Food DistributorsMany years of satisfying and helpful liquidation service has made Lewisco Holdings a leader in the industry, and we have a wellspring of sellers and buyers to show in return. Our processes have also been honed into streamlined, fast, and simple mechanisms without wasted effort, time, or money.

When goods are liquidated, prices are low. In order to avoid total loss, companies lower price below wholesale in many cases. This discounting is true for food and groceries especially. Our buyers then gain name-brand products at obscenely low rates. Whether they pass savings on to customers, widen profit margins, or stretch small budgets is up to the buyer.

We’re well known to work fast. In no time, you’ll have clear shelves and free moving purchase power. From groceries to non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, bulk goods, paper products, cleaning merchandise, and HBA items, Lewisco Holdings caters to the needs of the everyday person. In difficult economic times, the business of liquidation becomes ever more important.

Companies should choose Lewisco Holdings because we provide liquidation without damaging the brand. Other liquidators without the experience and mechanisms could do genuine harm to the brand’s identity during the process.

The way we work protects our inventory sources. Our buyers must submit to vetting and honor the restrictions expected by the manufacturer. Goods must be sold within geographic limitations, retailed only, sold without advertising or display, and concealed with Mabel’s Farms, our own repackaging, private label, when the brand is conspicuous.

We buy from first line distributors, but we don’t sell to them. Our customers are alternative clients. The 400+ accounts that we sell to include salvage discount grocers, mom-and-pop retailers, correctional facilities, schools, food pantries, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other secondary market members.

The speed with which we move is well appreciated by our clients and customers. Liquidated goods are often considered to be living on borrowed time.

When our clients have aging goods, discontinued items, overstocked inventories, products near best by or expiration dates, older versions of newer products, closeouts or markdowns, seasonal or holiday goods, or otherwise slow-moving goods, they should call Lewisco Holdings without delay.

Lewisco Holdings is able to promise speed because of our uncomplicated and to the point methods. We have transportation, storage, buyers, and money for purchase. That and an informed team for making valuations is all we need.

While we usually liquidate goods, at times we will function as a delegated sales team or auction connection. Our expertise and experience with sales come in handy in these cases, not to mention our contacts.

Our contacts with the auction market can also be put to use for our clients when requested.

Closeout food purchased from primary distributors should be resold into more appropriate markets. To begin that process, call our helpful staff at Lewisco Holdings. We offer quick solutions that benefit both our clients and our customers. For more information, don’t put it off a day longer, call (917) 651-0101.