Closeout Food Buyers New Jersey

Professional buyers of closeout food inventories, Lewisco Holdings serves New Jersey and the rest of the continental US with speed, integrity, and convenience. We offer first-line participants in the distribution chain with a solution to problematic products, and we provide second-line participants with quality products and significant discounts.

Closeout Food Buyers New JerseyThe staff here will professionally estimate the value of your inventory and guide you through the process of liquidating unwanted merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings liquidates products out of the primary markets and into secondary channels throughout the US. We bring expertise and experience to the table as well as the ability to process large volumes and diverse categories of goods.

Lewisco Holdings Distribution Chain

Once we purchase and collect the products that we buy, we direct them into new channels. Our buyer group is made up of well-screened, secondary market members whom we trust to follow through with protecting the brand.

The buyers within our group are far from the original customer channels. We sell to privately owned small stores, community food pantries, farmers markets, prisons and jails, schools, exporters, deep discount salvage grocery stores, flea market members, and other alternative customers.

These buyers all follow rules set by the manufacturer regarding how the products are sold and used. Our customers do not display, advertise, wholesale, or go outside of geographic limitations.

Lewisco Holdings Purchases

We buy a range of product categories including all of the following:

Groceries – We buy and sell all sorts of groceries including dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated items like convenience foods, meat, rice and pasta, sauces, vegetables, fruits, condiments, bulk candy, and any other food you can imagine.

Non-alcoholic beverages – We also buy and sell shelf-stable drinks. From colas to water, juice, fruit-flavored drinks, energy drinks, protein shakes, teas, coffees, and more, alcohol-free beverages are prime inventory for Lewisco Holdings liquidation.

Pet food and treats – Animal shelters and salvage stores make sure no pet goes hungry with the Lewisco Holdings inventory of kibble, canned, biscuit, jerky, and other style dog and cat food and treats.

General household merchandise – HBA, paper, and cleaning are just a few of the categories of general merchandise we buy and redistribute.

Allow Lewisco Holdings to Earn Your Business

With many years of experience and proven logistics, Lewisco Holdings brings confidentiality and know-how to unburdening sellers and blessing buyers with liquidation.

Notes on Lewisco Holdings:

  • We buy a wide range of volumes of goods throughout the US;
  • We protect the first-line company and original brand;
  • We provide quick offers for outright purchase;
  • We simplify liquidation with a straightforward system;
  • We pay right away;
  • We buy and sell; we do not broker or trade.

Lewisco Holdings operates quickly, which is important because liquidated products are largely on a ticking clock. We collect our purchases the same day that we purchase them, or the following day at the latest.

The liquidation that we provide at Lewisco Holdings helps first-line distributors avoid losing their entire investment and gain space, and it helps second-line participants do more with a limited budget, expand a small profit margin, and grow a loyal customer base with great discounts on quality goods. We play an essential role in the distribution chain, and we strive to do it well.

Closeout food sellers and buyers, such as Lewisco Holdings, help primary and secondary marketers in New Jersey. Contact us for more information or to request service: (917) 210-9395.