Closeout Food Buyers in New York City

Lewisco Holdings is an independent liquidator in New York City, outperforming any other closeout food buyers in the area. If sales are slow and you have products lingering on shelves, stop allowing overhead to accumulate by choosing liquidation.

Closeout Food Buyers in New York CityLiquidation stops the cost of overhead, returns your space and cash, and allows for reinvestment.

The operations of Lewisco Holdings span the continental United States. Our network consists of thousands of sellers and hundreds of buyers who benefit from our liquidation expertise. We liquidate products without regard to quantity or location, relying on a dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen warehouses spread from the East coast to the West coast. Our logistics and deep purchase power make it possible to provide fair pricing and fast service.

At Lewisco Holdings, we buy and resell a wide variety of products. Should you be unsure of whether we can liquidate your goods, reach out to us and inquire. The conditions of goods that we regularly liquidate include canceled orders and turned down loans, close-dated products, overstocks, outdated formulations or packaging, closeouts, discontinued product lines, and mis-labeled items. If it’s not reaching sales expectations, liquidation is probably appropriate.

Two stages mark successful liquidation: the purchase and the sale. We have more than 400 customers whom we trust to confidentially use the goods that we sell. Every buyer we serve is far removed from the regular lines of distribution, and they commit to following all manufacturer guidelines restricting the wholesale of the purchase, advertising, displaying, or selling outside of geographic limitations.

We sell to customers within the alternative market, such as small independently owned grocers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, prisons/jails, educational facilities, community food pantries, farmers markets, flea market vendors, and other non-traditional outlets.

In order to make liquidation easy, we have a straightforward process of marking offers and purchases.

Start the process by contacting us and providing photos of the products in question along with the product category, brand, ingredient list, nutritional profile, all dates on the package, package size, quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, pickup location, and desired price.

Once we have this info, we will be able to estimate the liquidation value of the goods and make an offer. We can often make this offer the same day.

If you like the offer and accept it, we will wire payment right away and make plans to collect the goods that day or the one that follows.

The customers and inventory sources of Lewisco Holdings work well with Lewisco Holdings. We provide brand and customer protection, ensuring that our customers and the originally intended ones are never the same, never selling to mainstream grocers, quick marts, or restaurants. This level of customer protection is essential to successful liquidation.

We are not brokers or traders. Lewisco Holdings buys goods outright for resale.

Beyond requiring that customers follow manufacturer restrictions, we also provide repackaging when the brand is difficult to conceal. Our private label, Mabel’s Farms, can become the brand of items when they’re sold in alternative markets.

Closeout food buyers in New York City find Lewisco Holdings to be well-sourced with a full inventory. Whether you need liquidation or would like to buy liquidated goods, contact us today. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to explore all of the advantages of liquidation.