Closeout Food Brokers New York

Are you searching for the best closeout food brokers in New York? Choose liquidation through Lewisco Holdings instead. We remove unwanted inventory from first lines of distribution and conceal them deeply in alternative distribution channels without endangering the brand’s reputation.

Closeout Food Brokers New YorkOne of the best liquidators of groceries and household goods in the country, Lewisco Holdings purchases unwanted products from more than 3,000 separate primary market participants including manufacturers, wholesale companies, retail stores, and distributors. As part of the purchase, we pledge to secure confidentiality and customer protection.

The other half of the liquidation equation is buyers. Lewisco Holdings makes sure that the customers of our product sources are never the same as our own buyers’ customers. We refuse to sell to primary market members like restaurants and grocery chains. Instead, we vet secondary market members like small retailers, private dollar stores, community food pantries, correctional facilities, educational institutions, farmers markets, flea market vendors, charitable organizations, exporters, and deeply discounted salvage grocers.

When you’re unsure whether Lewisco Holdings deals in the goods you need to liquidate, consider the following list or give us a call:

  • Grocery products (shelf-stable dry foods, canned goods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods)
  • Alcohol-free beverages (water, soda, sports drinks, and any other shelf-stable beverage)
  • Pet food and treats (kibble, canned, biscuit, jerky, fish flakes and pellets)
  • HBA items (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Paper goods (toilet paper, plastic cutlery, napkins, etc.)
  • Cleaning products (chemicals and tools)
  • Other non-food closeout items

Timing liquidation perfectly is essential to liquidation as well. Waiting too long could result in a complete loss, so too soon is often better than late. If your goods are no longer in perfect condition for retail shelves, it’s time to consider liquidation. Some examples include closeouts and markdowns, overstocked inventories, underperforming purchases, discontinued product lines, almost expired products, older versions of updated goods, cancellations or turndowns, off-season or holiday items, and any other slow-moving merchandise.

Once we collect the goods we purchase, we immediately target buyers within our buying network to minimize waste and maximize usefulness. Those who buy from us can then extend savings to their own customers or stretch their budgets to do more good on service projects and other efforts.

Qualities of a Worthy Liquidation Specialist

Even the most successful professional buyer has off days. Not all purchasing decisions will result in products that move and bring in profits quickly. Some will fail to meet sales expectations. In order to keep profitable merchandise available, inventory needs to be rotated and kept fresh. Liquidators work to help first line marketers recoup as much of the initial cost and overhead invested in the merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings understands that our clients need to remove these goods from their storage and shelves, but they also need to mitigate losses and protect their brands. We operate fast, fairly, and confidentially.

Lewisco Holdings’ operations are special for many reasons including the following attributes:

  • Nationwide operations
  • Brand protection
  • Maximum rates and fast payment and product collection
  • Straightforward process
  • Same-day decision and collection
  • Not broker service, not traders

Instead of searching for a broker when you have closeout food inventory issues in New York, call Lewisco Holdings. We will purchase your products outright, alleviating you of the burden of possession and overhead. Explore liquidation by calling (917) 210-9395 today.