Closeout Food & Beverage Company

In your search for the ideal closeout food & beverage company, choose all of the positive aspects that Lewisco Holdings brings to the table. We offer a wealth of experience, a wide network of contacts, and a perfected set of best practices and logistic essentials. Any company in the Lower 48 States can benefit from our service as a buyer or seller of liquidation goods. 

Introduction to Lewisco Holdings

Closeout Food & Beverage CompanyLewisco Holdings is a primary player in the liquidation arena. We purchase excess goods outright and bury them well within secondary customer channels. These alternative customers may include private retailers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, schools, prisons/jails, food banks, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and more. We do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets since doing so would put the brand’s identity, reputation, and customer channels at risk.

Lewisco Holdings:

  • Buys outright without regard to season or volume;
  • Vets all buyers;
  • Requires buyers to adhere to manufacturer restrictions regarding geography, advertising, wholesaling, and display; 
  • Serves as a liquidator, not a broker or trader;
  • Can never be part of the primary market;
  • Simplifies the removal and redistribution of goods from first lines and into secondary ones; 
  • Operates quickly, usually sending same-day offers, immediate payment, and same or next day purchase collection; 
  • Buries merchandise well within alternative channels, completely removed from the originally indeed ones; 
  • Provides repackaging solutions as Mabel’s Farms, our own private label.

Effective Management of Unwanted Inventory

Inventory management is an essential part of operating any business within the food and grocery sector. Excess inventory that simply won’t sell will not get better with age. Every day that goes by reduces the potential liquidation value of merchandise. Call on Lewisco Holdings sooner rather than later as you plan inventory management.

Keeping the merchandise that doesn’t move as predicted is a futile effort in hope. As you allow overhead costs to accumulate, your potential loss simply grows greater.

Lewisco Holdings’ commitment to liquidation includes concealment of brands deeply in alternative channels. We have a carefully crafted collection of buyers whom we have screened and approved to be trusted with a brand’s reputation. All of our customers are well outside of the typical targeted sector.

The thousands of liquidation merchandise sources we serve include many of the top international brands. We buy products from a broad range of producers, importers, retailers, and distributors who need a credible, efficient, and fair provider of liquidation solutions.

The products that we purchase include all sorts of grocery products, beverages, pet items, and household goods.

Once we know material information about the products you want to liquidate, we’ll send an offer, often the same day. With agreement in place, we will pay immediately and collect the goods that day or the following one.

Our customers often wonder what makes the time right for liquidation. Situations that suggest you begin liquidation efforts include any that might have an impact on sales’ rates. Examples include:

  • Discontinued product lines
  • Outdated packaging
  • Outdated recipes
  • Short-coded
  • Almost or past expiration
  • Closeout
  • Canceled/turned down
  • Seasonal, promotional, holiday
  • Overstocked
  • Disappointing sales
  • Slow-moving

Lewisco Holdings’ experience and abilities as a closeout food & beverage company allow us to provide fast solutions and liquidation management. Reach out with requests to buy or sell liquidated goods by calling (917) 651-0101 or contact us online by clicking here.