Closeout Food & Beverage Buyers

Lewisco Holdings invites closeout food and beverage buyers to join the ranks of our trusted buying group. As part of this select group of alternative customers, you’ll have access to our ever changing inventory of brand name, quality goods, all reduced to rock bottom prices due to liquidation status.

Closeout Food & Beverage BuyersOur streamlined process ensures that our buyers have immediate access to our products as soon as they enter our inventory. When you join the ranks of buyers, anticipate calls from us targeting sales as goods of interest to you come our way.

Introducing Lewisco Holdings

In the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings is a clear leader. With a nationwide footprint, we’re able to source products from a wide range of retailers, distributors, and producers. Long-term client and customer relationships along with established best practices make sure that we provide highly effective liquidation services.

Key Features of Lewisco Holdings:

  • Liquidation of goods without regard to quantity or location
  • Liquidation with guardrails in place to protect the brand’s identity and reputation
  • Liquidation that protects original customer lines
  • Liquidation with convenience and speed
  • Liquidation with fast offers and immediate payment
  • Liquidation, not brokerage or trade

Qualify to Buy from Our Liquidation Inventory

The buyer group that we allow to access our products numbers just over 400 distinct entities that are well removed from primary lines of distribution. Examples of buyers include small mom-and-pop shops, discount salvage grocers, community food pantries, jails/prisons, educational facilities, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other off-the-beaten-path customers. Does your organization or store fall within this description?

We restrict the buyer group we serve because it’s our obligation to protect the brand’s identity, reputation, and customers. Our process ensures that primary markets continue without liquidation effects.

Manufacturer restrictions regarding wholesaling, display, advertising, and geographic bounds govern the products that we sell, so our customers must comply with those guidelines. To assist with these requirements, we offer repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Why Does Liquidation Occur?

Liquidation happens when expected sales of a product fail to materialize. Managing inventory eventually will lead primary marketers to either liquidation or a dumpster. The less wasteful option is liquidation, but you must choose a trustworthy company like Lewisco Holdings to protect your reputation.

Keeping slow-moving inventory too long will begin to affect the surrounding merchandise, tie up cash flow and purchase power, and clog shelves and display spaces. However, simply throwing the merchandise away is not only wasteful, but it also means taking a complete loss on the investment. Liquidation allows you to avoid this outcome.

We purchase merchandise from thousands of different first line marketers. Conditions that generally indicate the need for liquidation include being short-coded or close-dated, near best by or expiration dates, marked down or closeouts, overstocks, disappointing in sales, older versions of products with packaging or formulation changes, mis-labeled, discontinued product lines, canceled or turned down orders, seasonal/promotional/holiday merchandise, and any other slow-moving products.

Lewisco Holdings provides these products within our inventory for our buying group’s consideration. The categories include household goods of all kinds, especially food and grocery items, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, health and beauty aids, paper goods, and cleaning products.

If you’re ready to become part of our group of closeout food and beverage buyers, reach out to Lewisco Holdings. Alternative market players willing to follow manufacturer restrictions should give us a call today at (917) 210-9395 or click here to contact us online. Of course, we also welcome any primary marketers in need of liquidation services.