Closeout Food & Beverage Buyer

The right buyer for closeout food & beverage products might be difficult for some to find, but not for Lewisco Holdings. We’re armed with a healthy list of buyers who seek all manner of goods, so we purchase a wide variety of products to satisfy the demand of our buyers.

Inventory management is critical to business. With appropriate oversight, managers can make informed purchase choices and liquidation decisions. Having a trusted liquidator at the ready is important. Triggering liquidation at the right moment is key to maximum recoupment of investment.

Closeout Food & Beverage BuyerKeys that should indicate the need for liquidation relate to dates, sales, and other status indicators. Lewisco Holdings is ready to purchase goods that are problematic in primary channels and redirect them into alternative channels. We also provide a turn-key auction solution if it better meets your needs. Operating as a sales team on your behalf, we can arrange to sell and ship your goods while you maintain ownership.

As a liquidator, Lewisco Holdings is highly esteemed and broadly connected. The companies we work with are numerous, and we have no trouble buying high volumes of quality goods and redistributing them across the country using our dedicated carrier fleet and nationally broadcast warehouses.

For a speedy resolution to closeout goods, sell them to us at Lewisco Holdings. We pay immediately and pickup the same or next day. When we purchase products, we do so with the understanding that the goods must be sold discreetly and into channels far removed from the original customer channels.

The alternative side of our process is purchasing liquidated merchandise. Within our inventory, Lewisco Holdings’ customers find a variety of goods including alcohol-free beverages; shelf-stable dry, canned, refrigerated, and frozen foods; wet/dry pet food and treats; HBA products; bulk candy, spices, and staples; cleaning tools and chemicals; and paper goods.

Lewisco Holdings’ customers, those who buy from among our inventory, include members of the secondary market. Privately owned grocers, salvage stores, correctional facilities, schools, mom-and-pop retailers, and community food pantries are examples of the independent entities we screen and target sales toward. Within this group, you will not find restaurants, primary supermarkets, or convenience stores.

Buyers of goods from Lewisco Holdings adhere to the bounds of liquidation discretion. The importance of keeping goods separate can not be overstated. When discretion is difficult because of branding or packaging, we provide a private label, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging in order to fulfill our responsibilities for confidentiality.

The truth about liquidation is that it’s necessary for retailers, distributors, and wholesalers, but it also greatly benefits governmental, charitable, and private organizations when budgets and profit margins are small. Lewisco Holdings and liquidators like us are an integral link in the distribution chain. We limit waste and save money for our sellers and buyers alike. This positive effective and fair, professional approach explain our continued status as one of the best in the liquidation world.

Are you interested in becoming a buyer of closeout food & beverage items in order to squeeze every drop of purchase power out of your budget or extend as much savings as possible to your customers? If so, call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101 to become a buyer. We also welcome new clients daily; we offer scheduled pickups on a repeating basis or one-time liquidation.