Closeout Dog Food

Lewisco Holdings, the foremost provider of liquidation services in the contiguous US, provides sellers and buyers of closeout dog food with a fast and simple avenue.

Closeout Dog FoodIf you’re a producer, distributor, or retailer of dog food and find your shelves overrun with aging merchandise, don’t risk upsetting your loyal customers. Instead, call us for liquidation services. We will protect the brand while providing you with a portion of your investment so that you don’t have to risk a complete loss.

We buy goods from thousands of first-line marketers, and we sell to 400 distinct accounts. We do not broker or trade; we buy products outright and then resell them into suitable and discreet channels.

The following conditions typically indicate the need for liquidation to begin:

  • Overstocks
  • Outdated versions of products with newer packaging or recipes
  • Canceled orders/Turned down loads
  • Products close to or passed the “best by” date or expiration date
  • Closeouts/Clearance
  • Off-season, promotional, or holiday merchandise
  • Discontinued merchandise
  • Mis-labeled or off-spec items
  • Other slow-moving products

Keeping products longer than you should can be detrimental to your business. The dog food within your inventory will be good well past the best by date, but it will not stay good forever. Stop accumulating overhead expenses without any chance of investment recoupment. Instead, call Lewisco Holdings for liquidation. We will help you recoup a portion of your investment so that you can buy new products that will be more profitable.

The team at Lewisco Holdings operates with speed as the priority. Our straightforward process of liquidation begins when sellers delivery the necessary product info including the following:

  • Label and brand of the product
  • Full ingredient list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Photos of the products
  • Package size
  • Every date on package interior and exterior
  • Number of units in a case, pallet, load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

Upon receipt of this info, we will estimate an offer and send it over. We can often do this the very same day, and if you accept the offer, we will pay quickly and arrive to pick up our purchase that same day or the next. Once we bring the goods into our inventory, we will immediately begin to target the re-sale to buyers within our vetted group.

This vetted buying group doesn’t include primary marketers like distributors, restaurants, convenience stores, or major supermarkets. We take all measures to protect the original company’s reputation and customer channels. The restrictions applied to liquidation sales include avoidance of display, advertising, wholesaling, or sales outside of geographic bounds. Mabel’s Farms, our own private label, is available, and we provide repackaging services with it to fully conceal brands when that might otherwise be difficult.

Lewisco Holdings buyers are all alternative customers. They range from deep-discount salvage grocery stores, mom-and-pop shops, private dollar stores, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, flea market vendors, animal shelters, and more. If you fall outside of the norm of distribution, discretion isn’t an issue, and discounts are of benefit, call us to submit to vetting.

Additional services that we at Lewisco Holdings can provide include a turnkey auction service, proxy sales services, and a sourcing figure for buyers.

Closeout dog food from Lewisco Holdings is just one of the many product categories we’re able to liquidate. Whether you need to remove it from your shelves or make a purchase, call us today at (917) 651-0101.