Closeout Dog Food Buyers

The solution to closeout dog food lies in liquidation buyers like Lewisco Holdings.

We’ll buy and collect the unwanted dog food and treats burdening your company from the factory’s warehouse, retail space, or wholesaler’s warehouse when disappointment with sales becomes clear. Then, we will redistribute them into more appropriate lines of distribution. Why hold on to goods that are aging and losing more money daily? Liquidate them to recharge your buying power and storage space.

Closeout Dog Food BuyersLiquidation is an inescapable consequence of doing business. Great ideas on paper may just turn out to be duds in reality.

When sales disappoint, inventory must be rotated to keep it fresh. Dated goods and stagnant merchandise will leave a negative impression in the minds of customers, tainting the entire shop and the brand.

If you continue to keep closeout and slow-selling dog food, the investment tied up in the products can limit your ability to buy merchandise that will sell better and turn a profit. You also will lack storage space for new and exciting inventory. Liquidation is the answer, and Lewisco Holdings does it well.

Lewisco Holdings Liquidations

Shelf-stable dry food, canned meat and vegetables, frozen and refrigerated groceries, alcohol-free beverages, cleaning chemicals and tools, paper products, health and beauty aids, and pet items of all sorts find new purpose through liquidation by Lewisco Holdings.

The dog food that we liquidate comes in a variety of forms. We’ll liquidate kibble, canned food, pattied dog food, jerky treats, organic dog food, freeze-dried dog food, biscuit-style treats, dental treats, and more. Whether you have one pallet of damaged dog food or an entire warehouse of overstocked, close-dated treats, call Lewisco Holdings for liquidation.

Finding the Best Liquidator

The right liquidator for your dog food inventory should be able to provide you with the best value for your goods, fast service, and brand protection. As we redistribute goods, we sell to 400+ separate accounts including charitable organizations, small independent retailers, and salvage grocers.

When you choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation, we provide immediate payment for renewed purchase power, lower overhead, and free display and storage spaces.

As part of our redistribution process, we screen our customers and require that they follow every restriction placed by the manufacturer. To aid in this regard, we provide repackaging under our private label, Mabel’s Farms, for the ultimate brand protection.

These buyers are never the same as those originally intended. We avoid selling to restaurants, primary supermarkets, convenience stores, or other first-line distributors. Instead, we sell to charities, jails and prisons, schools, private dollar stores, etc. Retail spaces can build a loyal customer base by providing special sales and low prices while expanding profit margins, and governmental and charitable organizations find it possible to do more on limited budgets.

Our logistics make it possible for us to buy small and large amounts of products and send them all over the country. Our warehouses and dedicated carrier network allow us to liquidate any number of products with same and next day offers, payments, and collection of merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidator, not a broker or a trader.

For buyers of closeout dog food, look no further than Lewisco Holdings. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 to become either a seller or buyer of liquidation products.