Closeout Candy Suppliers

If your store or organization is on the hunt for closeout candy, Lewisco Holdings is one of the primary suppliers in the country. Our wide-ranging network of sellers and buyers allows us to deal in a range of products.

Closeout Candy SuppliersWe invite you to join forces with our liquidation specialty as a seller or buyer of goods that no longer belong within the pristine environment of first line marketers.

Great Prices on Quality Candy

If you’re a fan of a good deal, consider the candy that we at Lewisco Holdings buy for redistribution. Stock the shelves of your mom-and-pop shop with snacks and candy with plenty of room for profit, or spend less of your small budget on prizes and treats.

We regularly have new influxes of bulk candy, and we’re happy to help you find particular types of candy as well. You’ll be surprised by the plethora of candy items we frequently find crossing into our inventory.

The specialists at Lewisco Holdings are here to help those who wish to liquidate goods and those who wish to buy liquidation merchandise. Conditions that typically trigger liquidation include closeout products, discontinued merchandise, overstocked inventory, short-coded or close-dated goods, outdated versions of items with recent updates, canceled orders, turned down loads, seasonal items, and other products with disappointing or slow sales.

Introduction to the Lewisco Holdings Inventory

The inventory we hold at Lewisco Holdings includes frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry grocery merchandise; bulk candy, spices, and staples; alcohol-free beverages including bottled water, soda, sports drinks, and more; pet food and treats of all kinds; and household goods like cleaning products, HBA items, and paper products.

The Lewisco Holdings Distribution Network

The network of buyers and sellers with whom we have long-lived relationships allows us to operate quickly, fairly, and effortlessly. Lewisco Holdings targets sales to hundreds of vetted buyers across the nation, and we welcome you to join as long as you’re willing to abide by manufacturer restrictions, and you fall well outside of primary market channels. Our typical buyer may range from a small dollar store to a food pantry, correctional facility, discount salvage grocery store, school, flea market vendor, and other alternative marketer.

Part of being a buyer is following the restrictions related to liquidation sales. Our buyers can’t advertise, display the brand, wholesale goods, or sell outside of geographic boundaries. We also offer repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, for full concealment of the original brand.

Businesses that liquidate goods choose to free up buying power, storage areas, and display spaces by getting rid of the products through trusted avenues.

Our liquidation measures will not put the brand identity or reputation of the originating manufacturer at risk. We bury our inventory so far within alternative channels that they will not come close to your customer channels, nor will your brand be seen in less than ideal conditions.

The team at Lewisco Holdings serves as one of the leading closeout candy suppliers for the nation’s opportunity buyers. If you have candy leftover from promotions or holidays, reach out to us. We offer fair payment, quick payment, and same-day pickup. Contact us online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to learn more. We provide a straightforward service for those who sell to us as well as those who buy from us.