Closeout Candy Deals

If you’re on the lookout for closeout candy deals, check out the inventory here at Lewisco Holdings. We liquidate all manner of food and grocery merchandise, throughout the continental United States.

Closeout Candy DealsLiquidation through Lewisco Holdings offers the ideal solution for primary marketers with closeout merchandise and secondary marketers with the need for quality goods at discounted prices.

Let’s Get Acquainted

One of the foremost liquidators in the nation, Lewisco Holdings’s footprint spans the country from coast to coast, and our network includes thousands of product sources and hundreds of carefully screened buyers. Our proven liquidation expertise plus our deep well of purchase power, dedicated carrier network, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses prepare us to act quickly, fairly, and confidentially.

Candy Closeouts

Whether you’d like to fill the shelves of your corner store with closeout candy, provide students with a sweet treat as a reward, or have another need for liquidated candy, Lewisco Holdings is the place to come. We liquidate all sorts of candy, from chocolate bars to gum drops, candy canes, lemon drops, taffy, chocolate covered nuts or raisins, candy corn, Valentine hearts, and beyond. The candy that we buy and sell isn’t limited by type, quantity, location, or season.

While you’re looking for candy, let us know what other items are of interest. We regularly liquidate food, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and other household goods. If you’re curious as to what we can purchase or provide in our inventory for buyers, reach out, and we’ll respond to all of your queries quickly.

No matter how many cases, pallets, or loads of goods you need to sell or buy, we have you covered. Our liquidation practices are efficient, and we’re prepared to move goods in all sorts of situations whether they’re slow-movers, overstocked, discontinued, outdated, out of date, or otherwise problematic.

Carefully Selected, Trusted Alternative Markets

The hundreds of buyers whom we trust to make purchases from our inventory submit to screenings and manufacturer restrictions tied to products. They can not wholesale the products, advertise them, display them, or sell them outside of geographic limitations.

Within the buyer group, you won’t find restaurants, grocery stores, or convenience stores. The original customer channels remain protected.

Lewisco Holdings routinely sells to small retailers, schools, deeply discounted grocery stores, prisons/jails, food pantries, and other secondary customers. Our products and prices allow these buyers to do more with less, widen profit margins, or pass on savings to earn customer loyalty.

The importance of brand protection is vital to liquidation. In this spirit, Lewisco provides repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, as needed to ensure this discretion.

Lewisco Holdings: The Right Choice for Liquidation

  • Make room for storage and display
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Return of buying power
  • Confidentiality and brand protection
  • Customer protection
  • Fast and fair offers, payment, and transfer of goods
  • Access to warehouse and redistribution centers nationwide
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Connections to turnkey auction service
  • Proxy salesforce
  • Targeted sourcing for established buyers

Don’t sleep on closeout candy deals with Lewisco Holdings! We offer an ever changing inventory of high-quality goods at a rock bottom price. If you’d like to sell or buy liquidation goods, reach out today by calling (917) 210-9395 or follow this link to contact us online. Our team awaits the opportunity to help you leverage the benefits of liquidation today!