Closeout Candy Deals in California

The manufacturers and retailers in California with closeout candy find solutions with Lewisco Holdings, and potential buyers also find incredible deals with us. Our processes assist businesses with excess goods as they find ways to recoup the investment made on these goods while protecting the brand.

Closeout Candy Deals in CaliforniaLewisco Holdings has a lengthy history of liquidation provision, a significant set of contacts – both buyers and sellers, a deep well of purchase power, an established transportation network, and a proven set of methods for liquidation. We work because we’ve learned what doesn’t. When products in your inventory fail to move as they should, look to us for solutions that respect the brand’s privacy and the company’s time.

The product categories that welcome liquidation through our best practices vary widely. Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods; alcohol-free beverages; pet food and treats; and other household goods are welcome. Bulk candy is one of our specialties.

We buy these products from thousands of different sources – producers, distributors, and retailers. The candy and other products that we liquidate aren’t in perfect situations. The conditions that make liquidation the right choice can be as clear as the wrong label or being part of a discontinued product line or as subtle as simply failing to meet sales expectations. Other examples of goods that we buy include those that are slow-moving, overrun, overstocked, canceled, turned down, closed out, etc.

Customers of Lewisco Holdings are far removed from typical sales channels. We sell to just over 400 different accounts that include the typical privately owned mom-and-pop shop, dollar stores, farmers markets, prisons/jails, schools, after-school programs, exporters, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, and other alternative customers.

As we sell these products, we ensure that manufacturer guidelines continue controlling how the goods are distributed and used. Our buyers are all vetted and strictly required to refrain from advertising, heavy display, wholesaling, or violating any prescribed geographic boundaries.

When our buyers need particular products, we will find them within our network of inventory sources. We can do so within a few days, and when purchases are made, we ship them quickly. If you’d like to try out the auction scene as a buyer or seller, we can also arrange that.

Looking for a quick offer and fast payment for your excess candy merchandise? Contact the team of professional liquidators here at Lewisco Holdings. We have thirteen warehouses spread throughout the continental United States, our dedicated carrier network, an extensive Rolodex of buyers and sellers, and best practices that allow us to work confidentially and quickly.

Highlights of Lewisco Holdings

  • Purchases without regard to volume or location
  • Thirteen redistribution warehouses and a dedicated carrier network
  • Brand protection throughout the liquidation
  • Quick offers for purchase
  • Outright purchase, no broking or trading
  • Immediate payment and same- or next-day pickup
  • Straightforward liquidation process.

Looking for closeout candy deals in California? Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to find them with Lewisco Holdings. We also welcome any inventory you might need to offload from primary markets. Whether you’d like to sell or buy liquidation merchandise, we can help. Our history and reputation speak for themselves, and you can benefit from our know-how and capacity for successful liquidation.