Closeout Candy Bars

Closeout goods of all kinds, from candy bars to pantry staples, find their way into Lewisco Holdings’s inventory through a process of seamless liquidation. We provide sellers and buyers of liquidation goods with an effortless service that is both prompt and equitable.

Seamless Liquidation Process

Closeout Candy Bars

The group of clients from whom we purchase merchandise is a longstanding selection of thousands of first-line market members. The group includes first-line distributors, retailers, importers, and manufacturers, some of them being the biggest brands in the country.

When these clients find liquidation to be appropriate, we purchase the goods, providing our clients with a clean break.

We then target our inventory to screened buyers we know to be interested in the type of goods in question. All of these buyers participate in alternative markets and agree to protect the brand throughout the process. Lewisco Holdings recognizes the need to provide separation between the originally intended customers and our buyers.

Understanding the Dates on Packaging

Closeout products are often nearly expired or past expiration. However, these dates found on packaging are often quite arbitrary. Products are generally still safe for consumption well past these dates. The smart value shopper relies on common sense and physical senses to evaluate quality and safety.

The usefulness of freezing food is often underestimated. Lunchmeat, candy bars, and even milk can be frozen for lasting safety. Lewisco Holdings focuses on buying grocery items, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and household goods.

Situations That Call for Liquidation

Buyers of liquidation goods should never expect perfection. Liquidation wouldn’t be needed in those situations.

Closeout products are those goods that have been marked down for one reason or another. They may be part of an ended promotion or holiday deal, the last of a slow-moving product, or part of a discontinued line.

Overstocked goods occur when a buyer overestimates the appeal of a product. When inventory is overloaded, the room for other merchandise is limited, so if you appreciate diversity in your inventory, limit this occurrence through liquidation.

When orders are either canceled or refused, liquidation becomes the best option, and we’re happy to pass the savings on to our buyers.

Benefit from Buying Liquidation Inventory

Buyers of Lewisco Holdings’s goods are all vetted and verified. They’re required to commit to confidentiality, geographic boundaries, and a prohibition against wholesaling, advertising, and display.

By making purchases from us, the significant savings allows organizations to do more with less.

Redistribution of liquidation merchandise must be far removed from primary markets. Our buyers operate in non-traditional markets and include independent mom-and-pop retail stores, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, prisons, community food pantries, and even schools.

Outlets like these allow the goods to be used without the brand experiencing any damage to its reputation.

Liquidation Goods Require Quick Distribution

All liquidation goods should be redistributed as quickly as possible, especially groceries. Every day that goes by is one day closer to obsolescence. Our commitment to fairness is evident in our description of goods and our prices, and we transport goods promptly when we buy them and when we sell them.

Closeout goods including canned goods, pasta, and candy bars are welcomed into the inventory of Lewisco Holdings. We offer comprehensive  customer service marked by confidentiality, fairness, and speed. Learn more by calling (917) 210-9395.