Closeout Buying

When private retailers have the opportunity to purchase deeply discounted, name-brand, and high-quality goods, they should jump at it. Lewisco Holdings provides this sort of closeout buying to a variety of entities ranging from small grocers to jails and prisons, schools, food pantries, and salvage stores.

Closeout BuyingWe’re happy to provide an impressive array of quality goods at discounted wholesale prices. The kind of bargains we provide will allow your organization to stretch its budget further or your retail store to gain acclaim for its bargain offerings.

Our skills focus on liquidation of merchandise ranging from groceries to beverages, paper products, cleaning items, and even HBA goods. Our best practices and logistics allow us to purchase a range of goods in any amount to redistribute them into the secondary market. Confidentiality, convenience, and speed characterize our work for both buyers and sellers.

Conditions We Deal With

Our warehouses hold a number of items sent out of primary distribution lines for all sorts of reasons. Those products may be nearing expiration or the best by date, overstocks, overruns, closeouts, discontinued product lines, outdated recipes or packaging, mis-cut items, cancelled orders, or other slow-moving goods.

Buying Power

Our buyers are more than 400 strong and spread across the whole of the continental United States. While we provide products to a range of entities, all of them must follow stringent guidelines about discretion, advertising, and location. Our wide-ranging group of buyers makes it possible to sell all sorts of goods fast regardless of the season or category of product.

The goal of Lewisco Holdings is to purchase unwanted goods from the primary market and bury them in the secondary market. If merchandise calls for it, we can even repackage items under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms. With this new package, you won’t have a problem displaying items that would otherwise be restricted.

To become a buyer, reach out to our team. Once we establish that you understand and conform to our rules, we’ll give you a call with available products.

Selling Power

Lewisco Holdings is financially and logistically able to buy a large quantity of goods that are obsolete or close to expiration. To estimate an offer, we will require photos, all dates on packaging, product quantity, product size, location, and desired price. Our purchasing staff will quickly and confidentially value your inventory and make a fast offer to purchase all of your goods outright.

We will arrange same-day or next-day pickup through our own dedicated fleet of carriers anywhere in the continental U.S. for delivery to one of our nationwide warehouses.

Should you be ready to spice up your grocery store or need to stretch your organization’s budget through closeout buying, give us a call: (917) 651-0101. The incredible customer support and quality goods we offer at Lewisco Holdings will serve your mission well. Alternatively, if you are seeking a buyer for surplus goods, call on us to help you recover your investment and your storage space.