Close Dated Food Buyers

Close dated food needn’t find its way to the dumpster when Lewisco Holdings is available with ready and discreet opportunity buyers. We offer measures that allow clients to recoup the most cash from their investment without sacrificing hours of distracted employees.

Close Dated Food BuyersLewisco Holdings offers dual liquidation benefits. By buying the products that don’t fit the criteria of primary markets any longer, we are able to prevent primary market members from taking a full loss and wasting usable merchandise, and we’re able to help secondary market members with quality goods for lower than wholesale prices. Without regard to volume, location, or time of year, Lewisco Holdings operates with speed to handle liquidation on both ends of the process.

The goods that you’ll find in Lewisco Holdings’s inventory are primarily within the grocery and beverage realm, but we also purchase and resale household goods. Consider this non exhaustive list of categories:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, shelf-stable dry, and canned foods
  • Alcohol-free beverages of all kinds
  • Pet food and treats of all styles
  • Household goods including paper products, cleaning chemicals and tools, and HBA items.

Feel free to check in with the liquidation specialists here at Lewisco Holdings if you aren’t sure whether we will purchase your products or if you’re wondering about the contents of our inventory.

You should also reach out if you’d like to purchase from our inventory.

The group of buyers we cater to numbers just over 400, and we have a nationwide footprint. The goods that we supply to customers are able to help private retailers grow their profit margin and their customer base and assist organizations with limited budgets like schools and prisons to do more with less.

Discretion is absolutely necessary for liquidation to work.

The originating brand’s identity and reputation are at risk during liquidation, so the reputation of the liquidator matters a great deal. The rules of liquidation are meant to provide protection, and we require that all of our buyers follow them.

What to Do When Sales Trail Expectations

When shelves become full of products that simply aren’t selling up to expectations, call Lewisco Holdings to join the ranks of the thousands of primary marketers from whom we purchase goods.

Products in certain conditions need to be sent into liquidation. Some of these criteria include being close-dated, expired, near or passed best by dates; marked as closeout or clearance; discontinued products; overstocked; slow-selling; outdated versions of products with newer packaging or formulas; canceled orders, out of season products, or part of a past promotion.

Lewisco Holdings promises discretion during liquidation, but we also provide a fast offer, immediate payment, and same- or next-day pickup. Our liquidation process doesn’t require effort, time, and worry. We’ll handle the details.

Liquidation isn’t the only service that we provide. We can also serve as a proxy sales team, finding the ideal buyer while you keep the goods in your possession. Once we find a buyer, we will arrange for pickup. Another option for our clients is the turnkey auction service that we’re able to provide.

If you’re looking for buyers for the close dated food on your shelves, look no further than Lewisco Holdings. We offer effective solutions for both primary and secondary market players. Discover how liquidation can help your business by calling (917) 651-0101 to speak with the specialists on our staff.