Clearance Food

Clearance food items require entirely different treatment than other marked down products. Groceries are generally on a ticking clock, and once customer confidence in the product’s quality is gone, the merchandise needs to be liquidated. Cue Lewisco Holdings.

Clearance FoodLewisco Holdings specializes in grocery items and non-alcoholic beverages while we also purchase some general merchandise products.  When merchandise doesn’t sell the way that you expect, you’ll need to change up the plan. We will take the problematic inventory off your hands and confidentially distribute the products far removed from the originally intended customer channels.

Liquidation is a straightforward process. We buy the goods and then resell them. What makes our process unique is the speed, discretion, and ease with which we provide the service to both our clients and our customers. The dedicated carrier network, numerous warehouses, and liquidation specialists that we have on staff make these qualities possible.

Our clients find that we help them minimize their losses, and our customers appreciate the quality goods that we offer at deeply discounted prices.

The history that Lewisco Holdings has is long and valuable. We have streamlined our process and established a broad footprint from one coast to another. Whether you require a one-time service or a regularly scheduled one, we strive to surpass expectations for all of those from whom we buy or sell.

Discretion as Priority

Lewisco Holdings upholds confidentiality as the utmost priority. While we sell goods to alternative markets, we screen our customers well and require that they follow all manufacturer restrictions. The 400+ buyers whom we trust with our inventory hold true to these requirements, and when concealing the brand is impossible, we provide repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

The typical buyer of our inventory is far removed from the beaten path. Examples of our customers include community food banks, farmers markets, flea market vendors, jails, schools, independent retailers, and salvage grocery stores. We make extreme efforts to protect our clients’ brands, identity, and customer base.

Since we have a large number of buyers, we’re able to buy and resell a wide variety of goods, so we welcome all primary marketers who need liquidation services.

Conditions that bring products to liquidation also vary pretty widely. Keeping grocery items longer than you should can be hazardous to your business. Consider the impression that you present to customers if you allow unappealing products to gather dust alongside newer products.

If you have closeouts, overstocks, cancellations or turn downs, outdated versions of updated products, discontinued products, mis-labeled, or other slow to sell products, reach out to us to begin liquidation. All that we will require is relevant product info to provide an offer.

Join the Ranks of Our Buyers

Do you have an interest in becoming a buyer of our inventory?

If you do, and you recognize that discretion is absolutely essential, reach out to us. When you relate to us the categories of goods you require, we will provide you with a buying opportunity when that sort of product comes into our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings welcomes clients to call when clearance food items will not move. Our buyers will be grateful and discreet in their use of the products, and all that you have to do is reach out online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to provide us with the necessary product information.