Canned Food Liquidators

A company’s momentum can be critical to profitability and success, and stagnant merchandise can really drag down progressive movement. Canned food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings offer a way for you to get rid of the merchandise weighing down your company’s momentum while you regain a portion of your investment.

Canned Food LiquidatorsAs a liquidator, the efforts of Lewisco Holdings function in two directions. We are both purchasers and sellers of slow-moving merchandise, but we are not brokers. We take stagnant merchandise from the primary market, purchasing it and removing it from blocking the progress of these businesses, and we then re-sell these goods to members of the secondary market. We have the buying power, dedicated carrier fleet, and warehouses from coast to coast to promote speed, convenience, and fair pricing.

While the goods that we purchase and re-sell aren’t limited to groceries, canned foods are exceptionally useful in the secondary market. These products tend to outlive their expiration dates by far. Other goods that we process include frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods; HBA items; cleaning goods; paper products; and non-alcoholic beverages. Finding out if your goods are eligible to become fodder for the secondary market is simply determined by giving us a call.

The accounts of buyers whom we service number over 400. They’re distributed throughout the country and range from schools to prisons, deep-discount salvage markets, independent retailers, farmers’ market, and charitable organizations. We do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or primary supermarkets, so our clients’ customers and ours never overlap.

Discretion is a key factor of any liquidation transaction. Brands are key to profitability and must be protected. Our handling of goods is respectful and confidential, and we make sure that we sell to businesses and organizations that share this goal.

How to Handle Liquidation Needs

Merchandise that needs to be liquidated will depend on a transfer that is quick and private. Lewisco Holdings purchases from more than 3,000 primary market participants. Waste is often unnecessary; we can typically match a product to a need. When products meet qualifying criteria, companies should give us a call:

  • Near expiration dates
  • Near best by dates
  • Closeouts
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocks
  • Slow-moving merchandise
  • Overstocked goods
  • Older variations of updated goods
  • Cancelled orders
  • Out of season product lines
  • Mis-cut or slightly damaged goods

Selling products to Lewisco Holdings can be done confidently, knowing that we follow every manufacturer restriction. The network of buyers we use is screened thoroughly, and they’re found scattered throughout the US. We don’t allow advertising, heavy brand display, or sales outside of geographic boundaries.

When you decide to sell to us, the process can be handled quickly. An offer can be made quite quickly; payment can be immediate; and pickup will be the same day or the next. Our transportation network, buyer distribution, and warehouse locations allow us to move wide categories of goods in large quantities.

Another option for those with unwanted inventory is to keep ownership and possession but delegate the sale to us. This process will allow you to receive more potential profit, and we can take care of transporting the goods as well.

Canned food and grocery liquidators benefit both primary and secondary markets. Lewisco Holdings is a leader in the industry and ready to help. Reach out to (917) 651-0101 if you need to sell or purchase goods that are ready to leave the first lines of distribution.