Canned Food Inventory Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings facilitates the liquidation of canned food inventory for the benefit of those who have too much as well as those who have too little. With our services, clients can recoup funds to buy new inventory and customers can do more with less.

Canned Food Inventory LiquidationThe Lewisco Holdings process is seamless, efficient, and fair. Our broad reach and developed set of best practices allow us to act with speed and discretion. We have deep purchasing power, a dedicated carrier fleet, twelve widely distributed warehouses, and numerous buyers and sellers to quickly deal with all liquidation inventory.

An Overview of the Liquidation Process

The distribution chain never works perfectly, but when goods fail to meet sales, they don’t have to be wasted. We at Lewisco Holdings connect inventory from the primary market to the secondary market for discreet redistribution into more appropriate destinations.

We are the foremost liquidator in the arena with a long history of operations and great capacity for fulfillment of the process.

The Hallmarks of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Process:

  • We act as a purchaser and reseller of liquidation goods; we’re not brokers or traders.
  • Our service is fair and prompt with full discretion baked in.
  • Liquidation makes room for display and storage of new merchandise.
  • Recoupment of a percentage of the investment made in product and overhead.
  • Manufacturer restrictions govern our endeavors.
  • All liquidation is possible no matter the amount or type of goods.
  • Our strategically placed warehouses and dedicated carrier fleet allow us to handle goods in an expedited fashion.
  • The customers we serve operate in alternative channels.
  • Offers, payments, and pickups arrive punctually.

The categories of goods we can liquidate are many – one being canned food inventory. The long life of canned foods make this category one particularly well-suited to liquidation. The variety of foods available in canned forms is quite remarkable as well. From veggies and fruit to proteins and even evaporated milk, canned foods can be vital to a well-rounded diet when financial troubles arrive.

Join the Group of Lewisco Holdings Sellers

Becoming a client of Lewisco Holdings is a straightforward process. We buy from thousands of different sellers, including first-line distributors, retailers, and producers. Some of the clients we purchase from are the foremost brands in the country.

Professionally, we provide a fast and fair offer for goods, immediate payment, and same or next day pickup. The goods that we buy are generally in a condition that makes them no longer appropriate for primary markets. These conditions may range from collecting dust due to slow sales to overstocked, marked as clearance, discontinued lines of products, or simply leftovers from a completed promotion.

When we buy goods and bring them into our inventory, we sell them into appropriate secondary markets. Our buying group is vetted, and targeted sales directed to them depend on their expressed interests to our team. The methods that we use restrict according to manufacturer’s guidance regarding display, advertising, and geographic parameters.

To become part of our buying group, you must be an alternative market participant. Examples of such entities include schools, community food banks, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, correctional institutions, and private salvage dollar stores.

When money gets tight, canned food purchased from liquidation inventory can be the difference needed in your budgets. Lewisco Holdings facilitates this process for those in need of recoupment and those in need of inventory. Schedule your service today by calling (917) 651-0101.