Canned Food Inventory Liquidation Strategies

If excess canned food inventory is weighing down your shelves, Lewisco Holdings offers a set of practical and convenient liquidation strategies. We pay immediately, remove the products from your way on the day of purchase or the day after, and deal with the brand discreetly and respectfully.

Canned Food Inventory Liquidation StrategiesLiquidation-appropriate goods belong in spaces outside of the typical retail environment. When producers, distributors, retailers, or importers find themselves tied down by excess inventory, Lewisco Holdings stands ready to take the products off their hands, whether they simply fail to meet sales expectations or have another issue.

Reach out to our team to discuss the feasibility of liquidation, even if the best-by or expiration dates are near or passed. We encourage you to liquidate sooner rather than later, though. The dates significantly impact the amount of the return possible. However, we can convey outdated goods into avenues to be used and appreciated, providing otherwise dead goods with a second life. We leverage a diverse group of buyers distributed throughout the continental US, committed to discretion when using or selling liquidated merchandise.

As liquidators, we help first-line marketers discreetly dispense with goods. We require confidentiality and adherence to manufacturer restrictions and brand concealment, even providing repackaging as Mabel’s Farms when branding is difficult to hide.

Choose liquidation to regain warehouse and shelf space, recoup money for reinvestment, and minimize potential profit loss. We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and customers. This practice has allowed us to develop long-term relationships that provide us with a steady source for inventory purchases and sales.

Lewisco Holdings provides a few avenues to assist you with your unwanted goods. First, we will buy them outright for redistribution through our screened channels. Second, we can provide a proxy salesforce to find the right buyer and arrange drop shipment while you retain possession. Finally, we can offer a digital turnkey auction solution.

For our buyer network, we contact buyers when items we think they might be interested in coming into our inventory, or we can source specific items when our customers need them.

Lewisco Holdings is a top-quality liquidation provider with thousands of dedicated clients, including some of the world’s top brands and hundreds of trusted and proven customers.

We specialize in liquidating dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods, alcohol-free beverages, wet and dry pet foods, bulk items, private labels, and a range of non-food closeouts. Contact our team to ascertain the appropriateness of your merchandise for our inventory.

Clients can be comfortable selling us their goods because we protect their brands and customer channels. We don’t sell to primary market members; instead, we target small retailers, private dollar stores, community food pantries, farmers’ markets, jails/prisons, schools, exporters, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, etc.

These buyers follow the regulations on the products placed by the manufacturers designed to conceal and protect the brand.

If you have canned food inventory to offload, Lewisco Holdings’s liquidation strategies will solve your problem while providing the greatest return and protection possible. Click here to learn more today about selling or buying liquidation-appropriate goods.