Buying Salvage Groceries

When budgets get tight, belts tighten, but buying salvage groceries helps every penny go further. Lewisco Holdings supplies these groceries to independent retailers and salvage grocery stores after purchasing them from primary wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and first-line links in the chain of distribution.

Buying Salvage GroceriesLewisco Holdings is the foremost liquidator in the country for a reason. Our long term service has earned our way to a reputation of integrity, speed, and strong customer support.

Independently owned and operated, Lewisco Holdings liquidates grocery, beverage, and household items from primary markets and redistributes them into appropriate secondary avenues. Regardless of the quantity of goods in question, the season, or the location, we have the purchasing power, logistical capacity, and wide-ranging network to deal with goods quickly and discreetly.

The Lewisco Holdings Sourcing Network

Lewisco Holdings’s expertise extends throughout the catalog of household goods. We purchase grocery items, alcohol-free beverages, and general merchandise like pet items, health and beauty aids, paper goods, and cleaning items.

These sellers from whom we purchase goods number in the thousands. We have a national footprint, with a dedicated carrier network, thirteen third-party warehouses, and an in-house logistics team.

The circumstances under which we commonly purchase goods include products near or passed best by or expiration dates, overrun or overstocked, closeouts and markdowns, discontinued product lines, outdated versions of products with new packaging or formulations, off-spec or mislabeled, canceled or turned down, out of season, holiday, or promotion, and any other slower moving merchandise.

The Protection of Brand Identity and Reputation

Liquidation must include protection of the brand’s identity and reputation. It’s vital to the continued success of the primary manufacturer, and we at Lewisco Holdings go to great lengths to protect the label and brand of our sources.

Manufacturer restrictions drive the process of liquidation. From geographic boundaries to restrictions on display, advertising, and wholesaling, the efforts to protect the brand are not optional for our buyers. Every secondary market entity that we sell to must conform to these rules, and they must refrain from selling to the originally intended customer.

Begin the liquidation process by contacting us with product information. To establish an offer, we’ll need to know the label/brand, the full list of ingredients, the nutritional facts, photographs of the products, all dates on the interior and exterior of the package, the package size, the quantity of goods per unit, case, pallet, and load, the location of pickup, and the preferred price. With this info, we can generally submit an offer the very same day.

The Lewisco Holdings Buyer Group

The entities we sell to include hundreds of independent secondary buyers. We screen these buyers closely and target sales to the ones most suited to our inventory. Our buyers range from small mom-and-pop stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, educational institutions, farmers’ markets, community food pantries, correctional facilities, exporters, flea market vendors, and other alternative buyers.

Our large buyer group makes it possible for us to transfer goods into the secondary market fairly and quickly. These opportunity buyers are able to maximize small budgets, profits, and customer bases with the ability to buy name-brand goods at the lowest possible price.

Rather than wasting goods that are no longer appropriate for primary markets, we liquidate goods and send them to secondary sources where they can be used.

Lewisco Holdings provides buyers an avenue for buying salvage groceries and sellers with an avenue for getting rid of the goods without losing the entire investment. To buy or sell liquidation goods, call (917) 651-0101.