Buyers of Closeout Food Inventory

Buyers and sellers of closeout food inventory benefit from Lewisco Holdings’ streamlined processes. We help primary markets clear out storage and free up cash reserves while helping secondary markets maximize profit margins and limited budgets.

Buyers of Closeout Food InventoryIn difficult economic times, liquidators like Lewisco Holdings become even more important. We offer solutions for salvage grocers to stock inventory and extend savings to households across the country.

A private grocery liquidator, Lewisco Holdings leads the industry as a top-notch liquidator. We buy and distribute goods confidentially into the secondary market. When companies have disappointing sales, they should reach out to Lewisco Holdings to begin the liquidation process.

If you’re wondering what would be found within our inventory, consider the following list. We buy and distribute frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods; wet and dry pet food and treats; bulk spices, candy, and staples; HBA merchandise; paper products; and cleaning products and implements.

Our buyers can always count on us to find specific products as well. Let us know what you need, and we’ll be on the lookout. As soon as the goods hit our inventory, you’ll know about it. We can also make some calls to make the process a bit faster as well.

What do our clients gain?

Primary marketers have to manage inventory. Slow-moving goods will need to be removed from inventory at some point, but it doesn’t have to be a complete loss. When goods are close to expiration, liquidation needs to begin sooner rather than too late.

If you make the mistake of keeping goods too long, you can lose all of the potential for profit. Bear in mind that you continue to accrue overhead costs while also using space that could display profitable products. Each day that goes by brings you a day closer to expiration and uselessness.

Before you lose all that you’ve spent on your inventory, choose to liquidate. Lewisco Holdings will provide you with the largest possible recoupment while relieving you of the burden quickly and effortlessly.

Our cash reserves and capable logistics make it possible for us to purchase and distribute a range of goods. We have a friendly, professional staff with sufficient experience to provide you with a fast offer, immediate payment, and efficient pickup. We provide same or next day pick up as standard via our dedicated fleet and nationally distributed warehouses.

Who are our buyers?

Lewisco Holdings has plenty of buyers, but they aren’t the typical customers. We do not distribute to supermarkets, first-line distributors, convenience stores, and restaurants. Our customers are not the same as the originally intended customers.

We sell to small private retailers, dollar stores, food pantries, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, jails, schools, salvage groceries, exporters, and specialty outlets.

Our buyer group’s size makes it possible for us to buy and sell goods without regard to the category, season, or volume of goods. In the process, manufacturer restrictions will guide the process, controlling the process of concealing goods in the secondary market without heavy display, advertising, wholesaling, or interfering with original markets.

Buyers of closeout food inventory look to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings for low prices and quality goods. If you’re interested in enhancing our inventory with your unwanted goods or taking advantage of that inventory, learn more by calling (917) 210-9395 to explore the process of liquidation.