Buyers of Closeout Dog Food Inventory

If you’re searching for buyers of closeout dog food inventory, search no more. Lewisco Holdings purchases and redistributes just this sort of product to vetted buyers throughout the US.

Buyers of Closeout Dog Food InventoryStale dog food that hasn’t sold and is costing more in overhead every day that goes by needs to be liquidated. Rather than disposing of these products in the dumpster, call Lewisco Holdings to help recoup a portion of your investment and protect your brand in the process.

Within the United States, Lewisco Holdings leads the liquidation market. We’re experienced and empowered with the cash reserves and logistics that are necessary to buy and re-sell goods quickly. Fast turnaround, fair dealing, and convenient processes mark liquidation from Lewisco Holdings.

The Lewisco Holdings Product Menu

At Lewisco Holdings, we buy and distribute a plethora of product categories. Our specialty extends from food and grocery items to alcohol-free beverages, HBA items, cleaning goods, paper products, and pet-focused products.

The dog food and treats that we buy aren’t limited in scope either.

From dry kibble to wet canned food, if Fido eats it, we’ll buy it and redistribute it to one of our select buyers. Additionally, we buy organic, freeze-dried, biscuit-style, dehydrated, dental treats, and more.

Liquidation of dog food is appropriate when the products are no longer in ideal condition. Primary market customers do not expect to see their favorite brands in less than pristine condition, and if they do, it could damage the reputation of the brand and the store.

We regularly purchase items that are near or past the best by or expiration dates, marked as closeout, discontinued by the manufacturer, turned down or cancelled orders, damaged or mis-labeled, or otherwise failing to perform up to expectations.

The Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Process

When we buy these products, we make short work of redistribution. Within our buyer network, we have contacts with over 400 separate entities. These trusted secondary market members relate to us what they’re interested in purchasing, and when we receive these goods into our inventory, we’re sure to have an almost immediate buyer.

Our clients can trust these buyers to protect their brand. Lewisco Holdings makes it a key to purchasing from us. We only sell to institutions and retailers that are far removed from typical sales channels. In addition, these buyers agree to follow all manufacturer restrictions including the following:

  • No display of branded products
  • No advertisement of branded goods
  • No sales outside of prescribed geographic boundaries
  • No wholesaling liquidated goods

With our buyer network in place, we can liquidate small and large amounts of good regardless of season or location without endangering the original customer channels.

Since speed is of the essence with liquidation, we’ve developed a straightforward and fast process. Our team is able to deliver a fast offer to buy merchandise with info regarding brand, dates, quantity, etc. Should our offer be accepted, we’ll arrive to collect the goods that day or the next. We have a set of warehouses spread from coast to coast and use a dedicated carrier network for transfer.

Lewisco Holdings can provide more than liquidation. If you’d like to maximize your return, consider delegating sales and shipment to us while you retain possession and ownership of the property. We can also provide a turnkey auction solution for your inventory.

Lewisco Holdings welcomes potential buyers of closeout dog food inventory to call and submit to vetting processes. We make it easy to arrange for liquidation and benefit from it. Learn more by calling (917) 210-9395 today.