Buy Liquidation Pallets

Quality goods at deeply discounted rates becomes accessible when you buy liquidation pallets. Lewisco Holdings purchases and sells all sorts of unwanted merchandise, whether it’s seasonal, overstocked, near-expiration dated, or slow-moving for some other reason. We’re happy to offer confidential, fast, and fair pricing for liquidated goods.

Buy Liquidation PalletsOverstocked goods come in many categories. Out-of-season merchandise, close-outs, and other slower moving products can be liquidated through our processes. When you aren’t sure what to do with this unwanted and damaging merchandise, pause before chucking it out. Lewisco Holdings has the answers to your problems.

Introducing Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings has an impressive history of liquidating efforts. Our reputation depends on our discretion, so we’re very careful about who we sell to in order to make sure that every restriction is followed. This professional approach to liquidation has warranted the trust of some of the most prestigious first line distributors.

Choose to Liquidate through Lewisco Holdings

Purchase choices are a critical part of retail success. When the inevitable mistake is made, the sooner the resolution, the better. We offer a regularly scheduled liquidation service to make sure that excess inventory never hangs around long enough to significantly hurt business. Keep your shelves clear, financial reserves open, and profitable merchandise in stock by forming a relationship with the team here at Lewisco Holdings.

Lewisco Holdings provides a fair price and fast payment and pick up. To start the process, provide us with the following information via our website or telephone:

  • Brand name
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional facts
  • Photographs
  • Dates from the interior and exterior of the packaging
  • Package size
  • Numbers of units within a case
  • Number of cases within a pallet
  • Number of pallets in a load
  • Location
  • Desired price

Once we have this information, you won’t have to wait long for an offer. We will quickly calculate the value and send our offer – often the same day. Once we come to terms, we will send payment right then and arrange for pickup that day or the next. Our dedicated carrier fleet and nationwide warehouses serve to provide efficient and satisfying service.

Product Categories for Liquidation

Many categories of products are ready for liquidation. We offer services for any of the following products, in addition to others that we can liquidate on your behalf:

  • Groceries of all sorts including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods
  • Non-alcoholic beverages including bottled water, energy drinks, protein shakes, sports drinks, carbonated sodas, fruit juices, bottled tea, prepared coffee, kids’ beverages, and more
  • Pet food and treats including wet and dry, organic, and much more
  • General Merchandise including HBA items, cleaning chemicals, paper products, and more

Purchasers of Liquidated Products

Lewisco Holdings sells goods to members of the secondary market. Our buyer collective includes more than 400 separate entities. This group excludes restaurants, convenience stores, and primary supermarkets. Instead, we focus on deep-discount salvage stores, mom-and-pop retailers, farmers’ markets, community food banks, jails and prisons, educational institutions, and other off-the-beaten path organizations.

Each of these buyers has to be vetted thoroughly. The geographic and advertising limitations placed by the manufacturer must guide the products’ future in the secondary marketplace. In addition to these regulations, we provide repackaging under the private label Mabel’s Farms for situations when discretion requires it.

Whether you need to sell or buy liquidation goods, we sell them in units and pallets. Lewisco Holdings can provide the assistance you need, and the process will begin with a simple call to (917) 651-0101.