Buy Expired Groceries

The expired goods collecting dust on your shelves don’t have to be a complete loss. Lewisco Holdings will buy expired goods and redistribute them into more suitable markets. We make it possible to regain working capital and clear shelves without wasting what could be used.

Buy Expired GroceriesAs a leading independent provider of food and beverage liquidation, Lewisco Holdings provides goods removed out of the primary markets into the secondary market. We have decades of experience in the liquidation arena with the logistical capacity to move any quantity regardless of calendar and location.

The expertise of Lewisco Holdings lies in grocery products of all types including dry, frozen, refrigerated, and canned foods; alcohol-free beverages; pet food and treats of all styles; and household merchandise. We buy and resell a variety of items that remain useful well beyond any expiration date found on the package.

This fact is true: Expiration dates are not designated by the FDA and are typically best guesses of the end of peak freshness. The only date that is mandated is the one you’ll find on baby food and formula.

Liquidation is appropriate when goods are no longer ideal for primary markets, and any of the following conditions will trigger the process:

  • Short-coded merchandise
  • Close-dated goods
  • Items passed best by and expiration dates
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Slow-selling products
  • Closeout and marked down goods
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Outdated versions of products with new packaging or recipes
  • Canceled and turned down orders
  • Seasonal, promotional, and holiday items

When considering expired groceries, common sense is the best method of evaluation. Freshness dates can tell you when goods will taste their best, but they don’t indicate safety. Consider the following tips when saving a dollar by buying from a display of salvaged food:

  • Dry goods – examine the package for tampering. If the seal is tight, the food will be safe. It is key to remember, however, that crackers may not be as crisp, and pasta might not be as al dente as you prefer.
  • Frozen foods – again, check these products visually. Most goods remain safe to eat when consistently frozen. Shake the veggies to see if they’ve shriveled to nothing, and visually examine for freezer burn.
  • Refrigerated items – depending on the product, you will be able to tell by touch, appearance, or smell if refrigerated items have turned. However, one key to liquidation is freezing. Many refrigerated products like lunch meat and cheese can be preserved through freezing.
  • Canned goods – If a can isn’t dented, you can bet on the contents for a good half a century or longer. Be careful with these goods if the can is dented, though. Botulism can breed within a slightly pierced can, and it is deadly.

Primary and secondary market members should choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation, selling and buying, respectively. We respect branding and adhere to manufacturer guidelines, strategically targeting goods to vetted buyers. Our customers and the original customers are never the same, and we provide fast and fair same-day offers, payment, and pickup whenever possible. We can offer this speed due to our dedicated carrier network and thirteen warehouses.

Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or a trader; we are liquidators.

Lewisco Holdings will be happy to buy the expired groceries within your inventory and redirect them into alternative channels. Buy or sell these goods by calling us at (917) 651-0101 today.