Buy Closeout Groceries

If you’re looking for a liquidator to buy the closeout groceries jamming your lines of distribution, turn to Lewisco Holdings for a confidential solution that reaps the maximum return. We’re a leader in the liquidation arena with a long history of satisfying our clients and customers.

Your Choice for Liquidation

Buy Closeout GroceriesAs much experience and training professional purchasers have, they’re still human, not prophets. While we hope that every product sells like hotcakes, the truth of the matter is that some products will be successful, and others won’t. As goods linger, they can begin to affect the profitability of the rest of the merchandise distributed by the brand.

Closeouts and clearance goods that don’t sell can be liquidated through Lewisco Holdings to recoup as much of the investment made as possible. In doing so, you’ll also have space to make new purchases and display goods that will turn a profit.

Timely liquidation is key to getting the most return possible. At some point, goods will no longer be suitable even for secondary markets. Cut your losses at the right time to open up the company’s purchase power and incorporate diversity into your inventory.

Lewisco Holdings operates with speed when you need unwanted merchandise gone. We’ll simply need photos of the goods in question, the label and brand, a list of the ingredients, the nutrition info, every date on the inside and outside of the package, the package size, the number of units in a case, cases per pallet, pallets per load, and loads of goods. With this information along with your location and preferred price, we’ll send an offer quickly – often the same day.

The staff here at Lewisco Holdings works with customer service as the foremost priority. We act with confidentiality and speed to make sure that you get rid of the products without endangering your brand.

Goods We Liquidate Here at Lewisco Holdings

Food and Grocery Items

  • Shelf stable dry goods
  • Canned meats, vegetables, and fruits
  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated food items
  • Bulk staples
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Bulk candy and spices
  • Much more!

Non-alcoholic Beverages

  • Energy drinks
  • Protein shakes
  • Sports beverages
  • Soft drinks
  • 100% fruit juice
  • Juice drinks
  • Ready to drink coffee
  • Prepared teas
  • Bottled water of all sorts
  • Kids’ drinks
  • Much more!

Pet Food

  • Kibble
  • Dehydrated pet food and treats
  • Biscuit-style treats
  • Canned pet food
  • Much more!

General Merchandise

  • HBA items
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning goods
  • Much more!

The offer that we send for your goods will be fair, and we will pay immediately if you accept. We will also pick up these goods that day or the next, and we have a dedicated carrier fleet and a network of warehouses to facilitate this speed.

Once in our possession, we re-sell these goods to members of the secondary marketplace. Our buyer group is over 400 strong, consisting of privately-owned mom-and-pop shops, food pantries, farmers’ markets, prisons, schools, and deep discount salvage grocers. During the hard times faced by thousands of Americans, our rock bottom prices and quality goods can help make budgets squeak.

When we liquidate goods, we only sell to buyers that honor the restrictions placed by manufacturers. Our buyers don’t advertise, sell goods as wholesale, heavily display products, or go outside of geographic boundaries.

If you’re considering the benefits of liquidation for closeout groceries, Lewisco Holdings will buy them and redistribute them confidentially and quickly. We’ll be happy to provide a one-time purchase or make recurring arrangements, and you can begin the process by calling us at (917) 210-9395.