Buy Closeout Food

Closeout food inventory can be detrimental to the aesthetic of your store’s display, the speed of your inventory’s movement, and the ability of your company to make new product purchases. Lewisco Holdings wants to buy, rather than broker, these goods regardless of the quantity of merchandise involved.

Introducing Lewisco Holdings

Buy Closeout FoodWithin the liquidation industry, Lewisco Holdings is a leader. We purchase slow-moving goods and re-distribute them into secondary markets. Our reputation for satisfying clients comes from years of dedication to fulfilling the expectations of our clients and customers. We’re an integral part of the distribution chain, providing a critical link between the primary and secondary marketplace.

This link must be discreet in order to protect the original brand. We have a network of buyers that includes more than 400 separate entities throughout the nation. Our large, widely distributed buying group makes it possible to confidentially conceal merchandise within secondary markets.

When we purchase goods, we resell them, but we never sell to our clients’ customers. Instead, we target individual buyers within our trusted network. This buying network is made up of small mom-and-pop shops and dollar stores, deeply discounted salvage groceries, schools, jails and prisons, community food pantries, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, and more. Our buying group follows all manufacturer restrictions, including those related to geographic boundaries, advertising, and display.

Products Purchased by Lewisco Holdings

Grocery and Food Items – dry goods; canned meat, fruit, and veggies; refrigerated foods; breakfast goods; bulk spices and staples, and much more.

Alcohol-Free Beverages – bottled water of all sorts, energy and sports drinks, protein shakes, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, children’s drinks, and much more.

Pet Food and Treats – canned, kibble, organic, dehydrated, biscuit-style, jerky, and all other sorts of dog and cat pet food and treats.

General Merchandise – HBA items, paper products, cleaning chemicals and merchandise, and much more.

The Lewisco Holdings Process

The liquidation process we use at Lewisco Holdings progresses quickly and simply. It’s straightforward in every way. We only need to know the location, label/brand, the ingredients, nutrition facts, dates on the inside and outside of the packaging, the size of the package, and the volume of the load. We’d also like to know your preferred price, and we’ll do what we can to meet that number. We generally make offers the same day that we receive the required information, and we do the same for pickup and delivery.

Here at Lewisco Holdings we buy goods; we don’t act as traders or brokers. Our footprint is from coast to coast; we buy from and sell to clients throughout the continental United States.

Our buyer group is far from primary lines of distribution, protecting our clients from an overlap of customers. When we make a purchase or a sale, we act quickly, providing immediate payment and same day pickup or delivery.

For clients who prefer holding on to merchandise until its sold, we offer to serve as a sales team and delivery service, helping you recoup more of your investment. We can also provide contacts to the auction market should that be your preferred recourse.

Lewisco Holdings is the ideal place to buy closeout food and grocery items. We provide greatly discounted prices for organizations that need to make every dollar count to do the most good, as well as retail stores that want to pass on low prices while maximizing profits. To explore how we can provide assistance to your charity, institution, or retail store, call (917) 210-9395.