Bulk Food Liquidator

Rather than losing big on bulk food inventory, call your trusted liquidator. For those in-the-know, that liquidator is Lewisco Holdings. We assist with recoupment of investment minus risk to the originating brand.

Bulk Food LiquidatorFor many years, Lewisco Holdings has led the liquidation arena, providing grocery and beverage inventory to opportunity buyers throughout the country. We have long standing relationships with both those who need liquidation and those who’d like to benefit from the discounts. Our purchase power and transportation network make it possible for us to easily liquidate small and large quantities year-round without regard to location.

Qualified Items for the Inventory of Lewisco Holdings

The inventory we buy and redistribute includes canned foods, shelf-stable dry goods, refrigerated items, and pet food and treats. From bulk candy, spices, and baking supplies to general merchandise like HBA items, paper goods, and cleaning products, we stock all sorts of home goods.

The network we buy from includes thousands of first line market members including producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. The conditions that make items appropriate for liquidation include the following:

  • Items near best by or expiration dates
  • Short-coded merchandise
  • Products failing to meet sales expectations
  • Closeouts and marked down goods
  • Overstocked and overrun inventory
  • Outdated versions of updated products (packaging and formulation)
  • Mis-labeled or off-spec
  • Cancelled or turned down orders
  • Holiday, seasonal, or promotional items
  • All other slow-moving inventory

Through our liquidation process, Lewisco Holdings is able to provide opportunity buyers with name-brand quality goods at rock bottom prices. A purchase from us leaves room to maximize budgets and profit margins. Whether you’re a small retailer or an organization like a school or charity with a small budget, come to Lewisco Holdings for discounted products that will let you do more with less, build your profits, or grow a loyal customer base.

The Methods Used by Lewisco Holdings

The easy, hassle-free liquidation process used by Lewisco Holdings begins with a simple contact either online or by phone. We require information specific to the items including the brand/label, list of ingredients, nutrition info, photographs, dates from the interior and exterior of the package, package size, quantity of cases per pallet and per load, the location, and the preferred price. Once we have this information, we will send a fair and fast offer for your consideration.

If you find the offer we send to be suitable, we will send payment immediately. We’ll pick up our purchases that day or the next, transferring the goods to our warehouses, where we will begin the process of redistribution.

The payment that we send will be fast. Once you accept terms, we’ll wire you the payment and schedule pick up. In fact, we’re known for the speed of payment that we’re able to provide.

The Key Features to Remember about Lewisco Holdings:

  • Our service runs from coast to coast;
  • We welcome lots large and small;
  • We remove products from original customer channels, without return;
  • The liquidation process is smooth and effortless;
  • We pay immediately;
  • We are liquidation buyers, not brokers or traders.

From small to large loads of products, bulk food loads require the perfect liquidator, and Lewisco Holdings is the best. Our efforts will help transform your problem into free cash and space. Reach out online or by calling (917) 210-9395 to begin the process.