Boxed Food Liquidation

Boxed food liquidation through Lewisco Holdings is a suitable solution for companies who need to eliminate problematic inventory and limit losses. Privately owned with decades of experience, we purchase and sell grocery and beverage inventory into closeout markets around the nation. When your business has a surplus, deal with it quickly through our service.

Boxed Food LiquidationA leader in the grocery liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings builds long standing relationships with our clients and customers. Our purchase power, dedicated carrier fleet, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses allow us to move a wide range of aging merchandise before it’s no longer viable.

Lewisco Holdings focuses on purchasing a variety of home goods including groceries and non-food closeouts.

Food and Groceries:

  • Shelf-stable dry (Think pasta, baking staples, cereal, etc.)
  • Canned foods (tuna, pasta meals, vegetables, salmon, fruit, etc.)
  • Frozen items (ice cream, frozen dinners, vegetables, etc.)
  • Refrigerated items (dairy, eggs, lunch meats, etc.)

Shelf-stable, non-alcoholic beverages:

  • Bottled water (flavored, spring, vitamin, coconut, etc.)
  • Energy drinks
  • Protein drinks and shakes
  • Sodas
  • 100% juice
  • Fruit-flavored drinks
  • Ready-to-drink tea and coffee
  • Kids’ drinks
  • Many more

Pet Items

  • Kibble
  • dehydrated/jerky style
  • Biscuits
  • Organic options
  • Freeze-dried
  • All other dog and cat food and treats

General Merchandise

  • Health and Beauty Goods like toiletries and hygiene products
  • Paper products like napkins, toilet paper, and paper towels
  • Cleaning tools and chemicals

Become a Lewisco Holdings Buyer

Lewisco Holdings provides buyers with the opportunity to purchase quality goods at very low prices. Whether you need to stretch a limited budget, grow your customer base, or maximize profits, turn to Lewisco Holdings for lower than wholesale prices on the goods you need. We can even find particular goods that interest you, searching for items that fit your targeted needs.

Our close connection to buyers allows us to limit distribution and govern it with specific regulations. We sell to over 400 buyers throughout the country. Separate from the first line market, we sell to private retail spots, schools, correctional facilities, community food pantries, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other opportunity buyers.

Our relationships also extend to sellers. We buy from thousands of different entities, including some of the foremost brands in the world. Our services allow distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and producers to manage surplus goods and limit losses without putting your reputation or brand at risk of negative exposure.

Key benefits of selling to Lewisco Holdings includes the following:

  • Returned space for storage and display
  • Reduce overhead expenses
  • Return of working cash flow
  • Assured brand protection
  • Submission to all manufacturer restrictions
  • Concealment of all liquidated goods within secondary markets
  • Fast evaluation of inventory
  • Immediate payment via wire
  • Provision of liquidation, not broker or trader service
  • Nationally distributed warehouses promote fast and widespread liquidation
  • Same and next day pickup throughout the Lower 48
  • Dedication to surpass all expectations

If you prefer to max out the return on your inventory, we offer two different options. We can act as a sales force on your behalf, finding a buyer and arranging pick up while you keep the goods, or we can provide direct access to the auction arena.

Lewisco Holdings is a master of boxed food liquidation, providing quick and fair service for both buyers and sellers of excess goods. Reach out online or by calling (917) 210-9395 to discover more about the world of liquidation.