Beverage Liquidators Wisconsin

Something is better than nothing, and it’s important to remember this adage as your merchandise begins to age. Instead of hauling it to the dumpster and cutting your losses, bring in beverage liquidators to save the day. Lewisco Holdings operates nationwide, including in Wisconsin. We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your business needs.

Beverage Liquidators WisconsinBeing able to trust that Lewisco Holdings has the logistical, network, and financial capacity to redistribute products is important when choosing a liquidation company. As a leader in the industry, we have a superior degree of expertise, and we stand ready to transfer goods in all quantities with confidentiality, haste, and knowledge of the process.

At Lewisco Holdings, you’ll find liquidation available for many types of products. From food goods to beverages, to pet foods and treats and general merchandise, all of the products we move are handled quickly. As a grocery and beverage liquidator, we handle goods on our terms. We don’t broker or trade; we purchase and redistribute.

How to Handle Overstocked Merchandise

Rather than disposing of your surplus products without recouping any of your original investment, get something in return by dealing with Lewisco Holdings. We’ll buy the following merchandise for redistribution:

  • Off-season goods
  • Close-dated goods
  • Items close to or at expiration
  • Closeouts
  • Overstocks
  • Older varieties of merchandise with recent updates
  • Discontinued products

If you reach out to Lewisco Holdings for a fast and accurate estimate and purchase offer, we will act quickly and payment will follow immediately after coming to terms. To receive an offer, you should provide the following info:

  • Photographs
  • Product type
  • Brand label
  • Ingredient list and nutritional info
  • Every date on packaging
  • Package size
  • Units on each pallet
  • Pallets in each load
  • Requested price
  • Location

We’ll make a deal quickly and arrange for immediate payment and same or next day pickup. It won’t take long for us to redistribute the product locally or across the country through our large network of purchasing partners. We have relationships with more than 3,000 sellers and over 400 buyers.

When You Want to Buy from Lewisco Holdings

The surplus products we buy often have a short shelf life, so we’re motivated to move them quickly. That’s why we’re always looking for trustworthy purchase partners. Our sellers want their products removed from their primary chain of distribution to protect their name brand reputation. Consequently, we do not sell to anyone within the primary line of distribution, including convenience stores, full-line distributors, restaurants, or primary supermarkets.

In turn, we sell to secondary market participants like deep-discount salvage stores, community food pantries, prisons and jails, and schools. Once potential buyers prove themselves willing to follow restrictions on advertising, geographic boundaries, and other manufacturer restrictions, we can establish a purchasing relationship.

Lewisco Holdings stands out among beverage liquidators in Wisconsin. Making room for new inventory on shelves and freeing up cash for reinvestment are motivation for sellers. For buyers, they appreciate purchasing quality products at low, bottom dollar prices. For more information on either end of our process, call (917) 651-0101 to speak with our friendly liquidation team.