Beverage Liquidators West Virginia

Providing assistance to companies with overstocked and closeout goods as well as those interested in purchasing salvage goods is what grocery and beverage liquidators like Lewisco Holdings do. We’re proud to offer businesses in West Virginia our services as purchasers or sellers of overstocked merchandise.

Beverage Liquidators West VirginiaLewisco Holdings is a leader in liquidation expertise. Within our network of contacts, we have relationships with over 400 distinct buyers including independent small groceries, salvage grocery stores, schools, food pantries, and even county jails and prisons. These buyers count on us for goods they can purchase with small budgets and still pass significant savings on to their customers.

We can liquidate all sorts of goods for companies. The freedom to purchase without quantity limitations comes from our strong logistical framework and available spending power.

Sellers can expect speedy pickup from our nationally widespread redistribution centers as well as confidential treatment of products as they enter the secondary market.

Goods We Purchase and Redistribute

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, or shelf-stable food products
  • Non-alcoholic drinks like bottled water, carbonated drinks, protein shakes, energy drinks, etc.
  • Cleaning products
  • Health and beauty items including cosmetics and toiletries
  • Paper goods

Sell to Lewisco Holdings

Numerous warehouses and redistribution locations make it possible for us to purchase a broad range of merchandise. When products are close-dated, near or past expiration, overstocked, discontinued, closeouts, older versions of merchandise with newer packaging or recipes, off-season, or otherwise lagging in sales, Lewisco Holdings can introduce them to the secondary market as salvage goods.

If you have goods that no longer belong in first line distribution channels, they will likely qualify for our services. Before sending them to the dumpster, consider calling us. Lewisco Holdings offers speed, fairness, and discretion. We pay instantly and pick up on the same or the next day once you accept our offer for your goods.

Give us a call to provide the relevant information and become one of our thousands of satisfied clients. We’ll need the following info:

  • Photographs of goods
  • All dates on packaging
  • Type of merchandise
  • Brand name
  • Amount of product on each pallet and each load
  • Unit size
  • Every additional related input

Purchase from Lewisco Holdings

Purchasing from Lewisco Holdings requires that you become part of our group of buyers. To do so, you’ll need to demonstrate a willingness to follow manufacturer restrictions, geographic boundaries, and advertisement blackouts. Protection of brand and reputation is key to a successful redistribution process.

Lewisco Holdings has a large number of network contacts, so we welcome the opportunity to answer all buyers’ product demands. Since our clients rely on us to exercise discretion by protecting and burying their merchandise, we keep goods far from regular channels of distribution. We can also provide repackaging and branding solutions through our label, Mabel’s Farms.

Non-alcoholic drink distributors and manufacturers looking for beverage liquidators in West Virginia need look no further than Lewisco Holdings. Reach out by dialing (917) 651-0101 for top quality service as a buyer or seller of salvage goods. Whether you need a good deal on brand-name goods or to recoup your investment and shelf space, we can help, and we’ll do so quickly and confidentially.