Beverage Liquidators Virginia

As a seller of bottled water, soda, bottled tea, coffee, or any other non-alcoholic beverage, occasionally you’ll face the problem of sluggish sales. As beverage liquidators, Lewisco Holdings will buy and resell this merchandise for businesses in Virginia.

Lewisco Holdings is experienced, logistically empowered, and financially prepared to transfer any quantity of goods from the primary lines of distribution deep within the channels of the secondary market.

Beverage Liquidators VirginiaLiquidating merchandise is advantageous to both the seller and the buyer. We work to develop relationships with both by providing fast and fair payment along with trustworthy protection for sellers and great buys on solid merchandise for buyers.

When Lewisco Holdings Liquidates, All Parties Leave Happy

Lewisco Holdings has provided liquidation services for many years by buying and re-selling unwanted merchandise. You shouldn’t confuse us with a broker or trader. Hallmarks of our service include the following:

  • Mitigate losses to recoup investment
  • Quick and suitable liquidating services
  • Logistic ability to handle large quantities
  • Clear out space for new merchandise
  • Protection of reputation, brand, and customer chain
  • One or two days for scheduled pickup
  • Confidential distribution far from regular customers
  • Fast and fair offer and payment
  • One place for full liquidation of merchandise

Lewisco Holdings liquidates more than just non-alcoholic drinks. While we’re happy to redistribute all sorts of beverages from vitamin water to juices, soda, and any other shelf-stable drinks, we also re-sell groceries and general merchandise.

We purchase from thousands of companies – manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, etc. By calling us at Lewisco Holdings, these companies have a quick solution to a frustrating problem. We’ll need photos and product information like brand, type, quantity, and preferred price to provide an offer for purchase. When the company accepts that offer, we provide fast payment.

Once we’ve acquired the slow-moving goods, the second part of the liquidation process begins. Our purchasing organizations are many, but they’re thoroughly screened and trustworthy. All of our purchasers have agreed to manufacturer restrictions, brand reputation, and geographic boundaries.

Within our network of contacts, Lewisco Holdings has relationships with over 400 distinct buyers including independent small groceries, salvage grocery stores, schools, food pantries, and even county jails and prisons.

All companies that sell goods will eventually need to liquidate goods. When outdated and aging merchandise create problems with space and cash flow, Lewisco Holdings can help. Keep as much of your investment as possible by accepting our reasonable offer, and regain space for new inventory quickly as our trucks arrive for pickup.

As leading beverage liquidators in Virginia, Lewisco Holdings stands ready to purchase and redistribute large amounts of your closeout and almost expired products. We have plenty of warehouses, knowledgeable team members, and substantial financial resources. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 to source or purchase salvage goods to or from Lewisco Holdings. We strive to provide a second life for unwanted merchandise while rescuing sellers from poor purchase decisions and providing budget-friendly savings to purchasers.