Beverage Liquidators Utah

Taking a total loss on the investment you’ve made in beverage products is a problem liquidators can help resolve, and companies in Utah will find Lewisco Holdings to be perfectly up to the job.

Beverage Liquidators UtahThe ticking clock of aging merchandise grows louder with each passing day. Answer the alarm by calling Lewisco Holdings. We will provide a fair price for your goods and remove them quickly to provide you with space and cash to turn your bad purchase decision into a profitable one with new purchases.

The procedures used by Lewisco Holdings for liquidation are well-honed and effective. We buy and redistribute excess goods based upon the lessons we’ve learned over the years. As premiere providers of liquidation, Lewisco Holdings makes short work of the transfer of products from the first lines of distribution into the second.

The liquidation service available from Lewisco Holdings covers more than just beverages. We also buy groceries, pet food/treats, and plenty of products from general merchandise aisles. We have a dedicated carrier network and a set of warehouses that allow us to quickly and fairly serve the thousands of clients from whom we buy and the hundreds to whom we sell.

Lewisco Holdings doesn’t trade or broker goods. We purchase them outright for liquidation purposes.

How Liquidation Operates

If you’re wondering if liquidation is the best avenue for your excess goods, consider the following types of products that we buy:

  • Near-dated products
  • Expired or past best by dates on products
  • Outdated holiday, seasonal, or promotional goods
  • Outdated products with newer recipe or packaging variations
  • Overstocked merchandise
  • Closeout or marked down goods
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Any other slow-selling goods

If you have merchandise in any of these conditions, call us to receive an offer. We can usually send an offer the same day, and upon acceptance, we will pay immediately.

The information we need you to upload includes the following:

  • Type of product/category
  • Photos
  • label/brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition info
  • Every date on the package (inside and outside)
  • Package size
  • Units per case, cases per pallet, pallet per load
  • Desired price
  • Location

Once an agreement on terms is made, we will pick up the merchandise – usually that same day or the next. We will then get to the business of redistributing those goods into alternative customer channels.

The buyers we target for sales never include primary retail spots like convenience stores, first-line distributors, supermarkets, or restaurants. The original customer base is completely avoided; the products we liquidate should never be readily identifiable by brand. Not only do we require our buyers to be careful regarding use, but we even provide repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, when it’s needed to secure confidentiality of the brand.

The manufacturer restrictions that cover advertising, display, wholesaling, and geographic bounds guide the sale of products within our inventory. We sell products to jails/prisons, schools, flea market vendors, independent dollar stores, food pantries, and other secondary marketer. The primary customer channel never crosses over into our customer outlets.

Lewisco Holdings is the route to display and storage space and purchase power as the best of the beverage liquidators in Utah. We are able to help our customers and clients enjoy the benefits of the liquidation process effortlessly. Begin the process of liquidation today by calling (917) 651-0101.